Mothership Q&A: A glimpse of swimmer Joseph Schooling

Bet you can't guess who Joseph Schooling's dream girl is.

Martino Tan| December 23, 07:16 AM

National swimmer Joseph Schooling, 18, made the news this year for two reasons.

First, Schooling was Team Singapore's athlete with the most number of gold medals at the Myanmar SEA Games. He won five golds, one silver and broke four meet records.

Second, Schooling became the first athlete to secure a request for a National Service deferment from MINDEF. His deferment will end on 31 August 2016, which will help Schooling focus on training for the 2016 Olympics. had a chat with Schooling when he was back in Singapore last weekend. He shared with us his SEA Games experiences, his fans and who his dream girl is.


1. What is your proudest achievement at the SEA Games? Are the medals really made of gold?

Being the most bemedaled  athletes of the games so far is my proudest moment. No they're made out of metal haha.


Source: Team Singapore FB page


2. What is the sweetest fan request you received? 

The sweetest would probably be a girl named Kyna drawing me a poster wishing me good luck.  I have amazing fans and they've been behind me through thick and thin.


3. What goes through your mind when you are swimming (competing or training)?

Just going over what I wanna work on. I do everything with a purpose and I try to have the best strokes as possible.


Source: 27th SEA Games website


4. Who is your dream girl? Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

Neither. A Victoria secret model named Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Yes, we agree with you too, Joseph.

Source: Alessandra Ambrosio Facebook


5. What are your hobbies (beside swimming)?

Golf, tennis. Sleeping, and hanging out with friends.


Wonder if Joseph swim and golf at the same time.

Joseph has a 18-hole golf showdown with his father Colin Schooling annually.


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