Mothership Q&A: A glimpse of model-actress Jade Seah

The police or the army? Jade Seah reveals the type of uniform she prefers her man to be in.

Martino Tan| February 08, 05:08 AM

Model-actress Jade Seah is on a mission to educate Singaporeans about fashion.

Last July, the former Miss Singapore-Universe runner-up started a YouTube channel, ChicPeek, to share her personal style tips and tutorials with viewers.

Her ChicPeek School Style series with Raffles Institution (RI) and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS) students generated a huge online buzz, attracting more than 200,000 viewers for the two videos.

Dressed in a school uniform, Seah asked the students which girls' school uniform they preferred. The responses she drew were refreshingly candid and humourous. met up with Seah to talk about uniforms, stereotypes, and fashion styles.


1. You interviewed boys from RI and ACS in your YouTube videos. If you are a 16-year old TKGS girl again, who would you prefer to date - an RI boy or an ACS boy?

Neither! LOL. I preferred more "heartland" boys when I was in school!

I have good friends from both schools, and also friends who are teachers at the schools. The videos developed out of conversations with friends about the various school stereotypes.

My team and I thought it would be an interesting concept to explore. While the questions were about which school uniform the boys liked the most, we were really after the element of human interaction and to see if there was any truth in the stereotypes. Draw your own conclusions!


Seah's 'ChicPeek School Style' series with ACS students

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2. In the Yahoo! video interview, you mentioned about personalising your uniforms when you were young. Which uniform is the hottest in your opinion - army, police or civil defence?

I like how the question has been turned to me now!

The police bring to mind a "good boy' connotation as they are the most literally on the right side of the law. I like good boys! So I would have to say that I have a soft spot for our boys in blue – thanks for keeping Singapore safe!


3. Who is the most stylish politician in Singapore? Who is the most good-looking?

I’ve never paid much attention to what the politicians wear or who looks best!


Jade Seah at work, filming her next ChicPeek Youtube video.

Source: Jade Seah Facebook


4. In your opinion, what are your best assets? Do you find it creepy if a guy praises your physical appearance (eg. long legs)?

I've been told I have a friendly smile -- and that I look unapproachable when I don't! -- so I think my smile is probably my best asset. Perhaps I may not have any friends otherwise, haha!

No, I think it’s lovely when people make the effort to pay others compliments if they like what they see. It certainly makes my day to receive a compliment! If everyone voiced out the nice thoughts and opinions they have about others, the world would be a much happier place.


Jade attempts a different type of smile.


5. Who is your favourite YouTube star, local and international?

Jenna Marbles is great for some laughs after a long day. Guilty pleasure!


Source: Jenna Mourey Facebook Page


Check out Jade Seah's latest video here.

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Jade will be contributing a regular column on fashion for from next week.


Top photo from Jade Seah Facebook Page.

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