An open letter to Ann Kok

MediaCorp will never be the same with you gone. Again.

Tan Xing Qi| March 04, 05:29 AM

Dear Ann,

When we heard that that you will be taking a break from acting to pursue other interests, we swore one could hear the shattering of our collective heart.

Not again, Ann. Remember the time you left for Hong Kong in 2000? We rue the day when we didn’t persuade you to stay. In your absence, Caldecott was ruled by just Zoe Tay and Fann Wong; it’s like Singapore lost one of its telcos – it is that bad. Now that you are gone, the seven princesses will reign supreme, whoever they are.


Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page

That said, you know yourself the best and we are happy you can finally untether yourself from mundane Channel 8 series. Honestly, we are freaking close to losing it whenever we see you acting as an auntie working in a coffee shop or a housewife. You are so much better than that. If you don’t mind, may we suggest some things you could do during your sabbatical.

ann 5

Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page


Image consultant

annkok1Source: Ann Kok Facebook

Remember 96, when you burst into the scene with that outfit? That image cut real deep. And you surpassed yourself again last year with another head-turning outfit that screams “LOOK AT ME”. You do know how to make an entrance, we give you that. It is a gift not many celebrities possess: just look at Christopher Lee with that silly apron.


Victoria’s Secret angel


Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page

For obvious reasons really. There’s nothing like seeing you in the company of the hottest angels like Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. Go on, tell the world that Singaporeans have the goods too.


K Pop fanatic

ann 6

Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page

We know you really dig Big Bang and you volunteered your talents to star in their music video during a press conference in 2012. We understand where you are coming from: you want to know how a fan feels, to be on the other side of the fence. Good move because that’s the best way to know what a fan wants.


Endorse a sperm bank

ann 3

Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page

You revealed last year that the thought of going to a sperm bank to score a baby did cross your mind. While we are glad that you dropped that idea (if that happened you would surely be stereotyped as a housewife), why not be the face of the national sperm bank? We are utterly convinced that your involvement will greatly boost the number of donors and arrest the declining birth rate. Think of it as doing Singapore a service. Besides, it is way classier than the queen of Caldecott saying “I swallow”.


Source: Crispytinetoo



ann 2

Source: Ann Kok FaceBook page

Probably the best thing to do on this list, the local volunteering scene needs a celebrity like you to front it. You have the power to convince students to volunteer for the long run rather than doing it just for some community points so that they can get a place in a local university. And you stay firmly in the spotlight with all the photos taken by excitable fans while you volunteer. Look at what it did for Cecilia Chung. We will give up our seats on the MRT to the needy if you asked us to.

We hope we don’t need to wait another five years to see you back on the small screen again. We wish you happiness and please don’t lose your fashion sense.

Yours truly,

Your fans at the


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