S'pore TikToker brings 60-year-old dad to his 1st Blackpink concert

So cute, so wholesome.

Gawain Pek | May 14, 2023, 05:03 PM

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The first day of Blackpink's concert weekend in Singapore drew quite a crowd on Saturday (May 13).

Apart from the usual K-pop fans, among the crowd was TikToker @lyndykoh and her 60-year-old dad.

It was her dad's first time at a Blackpink concert, so @lyndykoh documented their experience in a video on TikTok.

Father-daughter bonding

While @lyndykoh herself was all dressed up in a black-and-pink outfit, her dad arrived at the national stadium in a grey t-shirt, albeit featuring pink-and-white hearts.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

The first order of business appeared to be getting dad into the right kit for the evening — Blackpink merchandise.

The chosen apparel was a black top that featured a pink typographic heart in the front, and the words "Are you born in pink?" at the back.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

Once in the right gear, the father-and-daughter duo capitalised on photo opportunities with Blackpink banners and backdrops.

Dad was all smiles throughout.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

Once inside the concert venue, dad got into the concert mood and raised his phone camera to snap some photos.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

@lyndykoh and her dad took a photo together post-concert to etch in memory dad's first Blackpink concert experience.

Looking as youthful as ever, Dad held in one hand a sign that reads "Blackpink are our typa girls" and a lightstick in another.

Image via @lyndykoh/TikTok.

In the captions, @lyndykoh shared that her dad was "tired but happy".

@lyndykoh he’s tired but happy @blackpinkofficial #blackpinksingapore ♬ original sound - lyndy

Cute is the word

In the comments section, users had one word to describe what they saw: "cute".

Dad's age clearly did not show as one user was impressed that the man enjoyed the entire concert while standing up.

Responding to one comment, @lyndykoh revealed that her dad slept for a long time the day after.

Another user shared that she will be going to the concert with her dad too.

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Top image via @lyndykoh/TikTok