Fans wait overnight outside MBS from Sat, 9pm to see artistes at Star Awards red carpet on Sun, 5pm

A for effort.

Lee Wei Lin | April 09, 2023, 05:11 PM

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The annual Star Awards is upon us, and fans are going all out to support their respective favourites.

This year's edition, which is being held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), will have its red carpet taking place outdoors.

With the red carpet being open to public, fans arrived at the MBS Event Space from as early as 9pm the previous night to secure the best vantage point.

The fan, who wanted to be identified as Jonelle, told Mothership that she camps out overnight “almost every year” because she “wants to get a good spot” to watch the artistes walk the red carpet.

She added that she was not the only one who had done so as fans of Ya Hui, Carrie Wong and Chen Hanwei also arrived at the same time as she did.


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