Star Awards 2023: Who are Doreen, Ivy & Ada, & why is everyone thanking them?

You hear their names in just about every acceptance speech.

Lee Wei Lin | April 10, 2023, 02:52 AM

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If you watch the Star Awards, you've probably have heard the names Doreen, Ivy and Ada being mentioned multiple times throughout the ceremony.

But who are these elusive people just about everyone wants to thank?

First up, Doreen:

Screenshot from Mediacorp's website

She is the Chief Talent Officer at Mediacorp, and oversees all talent management and practices in the company.

In short, she's somewhat the big, big boss of all the artistes.

Next, we have Ivy:

Screenshot from Mediacorp

She's listed as the head of The Celebrity Agency (TCA), which, as its name suggests, manages the company's celebs.

Last but not least, Ada:

She's a TCA artiste manager who has been around for some time, and hangs out with the celebs pretty often.

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A post shared by Ada Koh (@adakohhn)

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A post shared by Ada Koh (@adakohhn)

Now you know.

Those who may have thanked Doreen, Ivy and Ada:

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Top photo from Mediacorp