Marcus Chin, 69, wins 'Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste' award for 3rd consecutive year

Age is just a number.

Lean Jinghui | April 09, 2023, 10:37 PM

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Veteran actor-deejay-host Marcus Chin, also known as Chen Jian Bing, has won the "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste" award for his third consecutive year.

Top image via Mediacorp YouTube

Top image via Mediacorp YouTube

The 69-year-old was supported with widespread applause and a standing ovation from his fellow radio programme hosts Mark Lee and Dennis Chew – of weekend programme "Yu Jian Huang Chong" – as he went on stage to take his award.

Aww. Top image via Mediacorp YouTube

He also got a congratulatory hug from Jeanette Aw.

Top image via Mediacorp YouTube

Thank you speech

In his thank you speech, Chin shared that the award for "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes" will be his third one for the category, and is a welcome one as he turns 70 this year.

Chin added jokingly:

"The Japanese are still working at 70, our Prime Minister is 71, Malaysia's Prime Minister is 75, and America's president is over 80 years old. What's even more impressive, Hong Kong's actor Wu Fung can also still hold a concert at 90.

So, it can be said that being at the age of 70, this is just the start of my life, correct?"

Chin went on to opine that the Chinese saying "人生七十古来稀" – which loosely translates to "a man seldom lives till 70" – is not wholly accurate.

"This is my third award. And my 10th award will be when I am 77."

He thanked Mediacorp, his agency, and all the fans who had voted for him this year for allowing him to grace the stage to receive the Top 10 award again: "I got my third award, three in consecutive!! Thank you."

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Offered package tours to South Korea and China

This year, Chin had upped the ante in the days leading up to Star Awards 2023, in order to pull in public votes.

He had offered a seven-day-five-night trip worth about S$4,000 to South Korea, and an eight-day-seven-night package tour to Shanghai and the Jiangnan region worth S$2,500 as part of a lucky draw, according to his Facebook page and The Straits Times.

The package tours are sponsored by Webuy, a local travel company, and are meant for two pax each.

Fans simply had to log in and vote for Chin 10 times a day, then send screenshots to a phone number Chin had provided, in order to be eligible for the draw.

10 votes a day is the maximum number of online votes each person was allowed.

In 2022, the 69-year-old entertainer had also offered free grilled fish at the grilled fish restaurant he co-owns, Tian Tian You Yu, in return for votes.

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Top images via Mediacorp YouTube and Marcus Chin Instagram