Star Awards 2023: Das DD wins Best Rising Star, first Indian to win performance award

"I'm just a simple boy who lives in Woodlands."

Julia Yee | April 09, 2023, 10:15 PM

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History was made at Star Awards 2023 when Das DD was declared winner of the Best Rising Star award.

The 33-year-old is the host of Mediacorp’s online entertainment programme "#JustSwipeLah".

His win

Upon hearing his name announced, Das broke down in tears.

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Approaching the mic to give his winning speech, he joked that he was so overwhelmed that he could barely remember how to speak Mandarin.

He then proceeded to deliver his speech in flawless Mandarin.

Deeply moved by his win, Das appeared to still be in shock as he thanked all the people who had stood by him throughout his career.

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He also expressed gratitude at being allowed such an opportunity, given that he is technically not a Mediacorp artiste but just the host of an online variety programme.

"我爱 Mediacorp!" he shouted as he made his triumphant exit off stage.

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Das was up against Jarrell Huang, Jernelle Oh, Kiki Lim and Joey Pink.

"I can't compare myself to them, they're all very very talented artistes. But I personally think that my selling point is my unique charisma, so I think audiences find me funny," he remarked candidly.

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As he gave his post-award interview, Das was still brimming with emotions.

"I've been bottling up the anticipation of this event and I've been actively blocking out the question of whether I'm going to win or not. So, the moment they read my name, I just let it all out, because deep inside my mind there's always still this question."


Das picked up Mandarin in kindergarten and took it as a second language in school.

After leaving Night Owl Cinematics in 2021, the independent artiste then debuted in "#JustSwipeLah" as a celebrity guest.

He must have made quite an impact because a week later, the producers invited him to host the show.

Das had kept the news of his nomination a secret and surprised his co-hosts with it during an episode discussing the nominees.

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Despite now being of a more mature age in the industry, Das refused to let it restrict his dreams.

"I feel like in this industry, a lot of us tag age to success, but I feel that you can be successful at any age. I would consider this the perfect time for me — like the stars aligned. Maybe two years ago I wasn't ready for something like this."

Humble origins

In all 28 years of Star Awards, Das was the first Indian to even be nominated, much less win, a performance-based category.

On his momentous win, Das hoped to inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter the odds.

"A lot of times in our minds, we limit ourselves, and society limits us as well. Nevertheless, we should just do what we need to do. I hope that all the children like me out there know that no dream is too big."

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The host remained grounded and spoke optimistically of achieving the impossible.

"I'm just a simple boy who lives in Woodlands, and now I'm the first Indian to ever be nominated and win Star Awards, so clearly anything is possible."

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