Uncles at Redhill Food Centre sing & dance like nobody’s watching

Uncles got moves.

Lean Jinghui | March 06, 2023, 04:22 PM

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Sometimes, life can feel all too serious. However, a bunch of older gentlemen recently showed what it means to dance like nobody's watching at a hawker centre in Singapore.

In a video shared on TikTok on Feb. 25, the group of uncles was seen singing their hearts out and dancing with each other to the tune of upbeat music.

They had huge smiles on their faces and seemed to be enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Uncles partner up and dance in sync

The video begins with the sound of loud clapping and singing, as music blares in the background.

One of the uncles is seen laughing and giving a sign of approval as he points his camera to his friends, who start to get in the groove.

Image via TikTok

One of the uncles, dressed in a shirt and formal pants, cheekily moves his hips like a pro.

Image via TikTok

He then pairs up with another bespectacled uncle in a fully buttoned up polo shirt, and they proceed to dance in sync.

The latter sings aloud to the song that is playing and waves his hands enthusiastically to the beat, as the former leads them in a jaunty dance down the aisle arm in arm.

Image via TikTok

The uncles then end the cute moment with a high-five, and the group continues clapping and dancing to the music.

Image via TikTok

Image via TikTok

You can find the full video here:

@mothershipsg me and the boys 40 years later #tiktoksg #sgnews #viral ♬ original sound - Mothership.sg

Positive comments all around

In response to the video, several users commented on the uncles' infectious positivity, and shared that it was inspiring to see the uncles enjoying their golden years with grace.

Image via TikTok

Image via TikTok

Others also jokingly added that it was nice seeing the elderly displaying the "kampong spirit" and having fun together, rather than fighting with each other due to altercations.

Image via TikTok

Image via TikTok

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