Customer pays S$700 instead of S$7 via e-payment, Serangoon Garden hawker looking to make refund

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Winnie Li | March 15, 2023, 03:57 PM

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[Update on Mar. 17: The stall has found the customer and refunded her the balance of S$693.]

A hawker stall at Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre is seeking a customer who overpaid for their food.

The Serangoon Garden hawker, William Fong, shared in the Hawkers United - Dabao 2020 Facebook group that a customer had paid him S$700 instead of S$7 for food one evening.

Screenshot via Facebook

He also said he hoped the customer was in the Facebook group he was posting in and would see his message.

Reactions from users

However, in his post, Fong did not mention his stall name or the exact date the transaction occurred.

As a result, a few commenters have asked Fong to share the name of his stall to increase the odds of finding the customer.

In response to one of the comments, Fong explained that the reason he did not include the name of his stall in his post is that he was "not trying to promote anything other than returning the money".

Screenshot via Facebook

Fong's decision not to disclose his stall name was also supported by many.

According to one commenter, not mentioning the stall name would prevent malicious imposters from visiting the stall and asking for a refund.

Screenshot via Facebook

It would also make it easier for Fong to verify the authenticity of the claim by simply asking those who step forward what his stall sells.

This incident comes several weeks after a noodle stall in Woodlands did the same in the aftermath of a patron paying S$450 instead of S$4.50 via cashless payment.

The customer was eventually located.

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Top image via Ym Jin/Google Maps