Hot devil drumlets & deep fried durian mochi back at KFC S'pore nowwww

Ass on fire.

Mandy How | March 17, 2023, 12:29 PM

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Two popular items have made their return to KFC Singapore on Mar. 15, 2023.

Hot Devil Drumlets

The Hot Devil Drumlets come in two flavours, Flaming Chilli and Spicy Lime.

The first is a blend of chilli, paprika and pepper spices, resulting in a "smoky and intense spiciness".

Photo via KFC Singapore

Spicy Lime, on the other hand, tamps down the heat with some zest, in addition to its spices.

Photo via KFC Singapore

Prices start from S$5.95 for four pieces, a la carte, or you can have them as add-ons for S$2.95 (two pieces).

These are back only for a limited period, at all KFC outlets except Singapore Polytechnic and the zoo.

Photo via KFC Singapore

Golden Durian Mochi

Photo via KFC Singapore

Finish your meal with the Golden Durian Mochi, which are deep fried balls containing "molten durian lava".

These will apparently leave you in a "pleasant state of euphoria," according to KFC.

Anyway, we've tried it for ourselves previously, and while we weren't exactly euphoric, we did find them pretty good.

The durian filling was not as artificial as it could have been, if that concerns you.

Photo via KFC Singapore

Photo by Fasiha Nazren

You can get them at S$3.95 for five pieces.

Here's the full price list for both items:

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Top image via @wakeycow/Instagram, KFC Singapore