Bugis BBQ restaurant giving 10%-40% discount based on height difference between diners of same group


Mandy How | February 24, 2023, 05:54 PM

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[Update on Feb. 28, 2023: A media visit revealed that customers are required to sign up for membership before being eligible for the promotion. Membership is free.]

If you have a particularly short or tall friend, it's time to ask them out.

At an upcoming promotion at Meow Barbecue, diners will be able to get up to 40 per cent discount on their meal, depending on the height difference between any two members of the same group.

The lowest discount starts from 10 per cent.

Here's how it's calculated:

  • Less than 10cm (of height difference): 10 per cent discount
  • 10cm – 29cm: 20 per cent discount
  • 30cm – 49 cm: 30 per cent discount
  • 50cm and over: 40 per cent discount

For example, if the difference between your shortest and tallest friend is 25cm, you'll get 20 per cent off your bill.

It's probably gonna be quite hard to hit 40 per cent discount, to be honest.

Before you go about thinking of loopholes, the promotion is only applicable to those above 21, with the height difference and discount to be verified by the restaurant.

There are no restrictions on gender, though.

The promotion runs for slightly over two weeks, from Mar. 2 to 19, 2023.

Image via Meow Barbecue

Popular brand from China

Although relatively new to Singapore, Meow Barbecue was actually founded in 2012 in China, where it attracted snaking queues.

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

The outlet at Bugis+ is its first overseas outpost.

As its name suggests, cat motifs and elements are incorporated into the space and dining experience (e.g. crockery), but not so much for the food itself.

If you need an idea of the price range, it's about S$15 to S$20+ for a plate of meat (excluding your premium wagyu options and whatnot).

Vegetables are about S$5 to S$10—check out the menu for yourselves here.

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Photo via Meow Barbecue

Meow Barbecue

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-17 Bugis+, Singapore, Singapore

Promotion Period: Mar. 2 - 19, 2023

Opening Hours: 

Sunday - Thursday, 11:30am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday, 11:30am - 12am

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Top image via Meow Barbecue, JianFeng Wang, Vivian Ho/Google Maps