CNY pole dancing: Tuas South Dormitory operator says pole dancing an internationally recognised competitive sport

Pole-dancing is not easy indeed.

Belmont Lay | January 26, 2023, 02:56 PM

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Migrant workers at Tuas South Dormitory were treated to a pole dancing routine on Jan. 20, 2023 as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations and festivities.

A video of the sensual routine was put up on TikTok -- but the 33-second clip has been taken down -- which then made the rounds online.

The public's response to the video ran the gamut from the amused to the aghast.

Those who did not see anything wrong with it praised the routine for showcasing the athleticism of the female performer and the best of pole dancing, while those who condemned it were of the opinion the routine did not reflect Chinese culture.

Dorm operator's response

In response, the operator of Tuas South Dormitory told Mothership that other activities took place during the celebration and the feedback from the workers was positive.

A statement from Nexus Point Investments, which operates the dormitory, said: "We hope people can enjoy pole dancing without looking through coloured lenses, and appreciate pole dancing as an internationally recognised competitive sport."

The statement added that the operator engaged an event company to conduct the day's activities, and was provided a proposal of the popular acts that "migrant workers enjoy and which were held in other dormitories".

"Pole dancing is one of them," the statement said.

Others activities included a face change act, on-stage games, "Suzie Wong" showtime, a drawing contest, and a lucky draw that gave out 40 prizes.

The statement said: "We received good response from the resident workers to this CNY event including the pole dancing."

Pole dancing "provides an entertaining performance as a sport of gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and strength blended together", it was added.

"We appreciate all feedback and strive to do better in future celebrations held in Tuas South Dormitory for our resident workers."

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