Migrant workers at Tuas South Dormitory treated to pole dancing for CNY 2023

Huat ah.

Belmont Lay | January 22, 2023, 12:59 PM

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For working hard to help build Singapore with their bare hands, migrant workers at Tuas South Dormitory were treated to a pole dancing routine as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations and festivities.

A video of a pole dancer doing her thing on a makeshift stage with a pole was put up on TikTok on Jan. 21.

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The Chinese New Year event was apparently held at the dormitory on Friday, Jan. 20.

What video showed

The 33-second video showed the dancer in a two-piece black pole wear and red heels twirling around the pole to Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good".

Whoops of delight were heard when the dancer stretched out her leg in the direction of the crowd.

However, one man seated right in front of the camera gave a split-second face palm when that happened.

The woman completed the routine by balancing on a chair using her core and touching her heel.

In response to Mothership's queries, Nexus Point Investments, which operates the dormitory, said: "We hope people can enjoy pole dancing without looking through coloured lenses, and appreciate pole dancing as an internationally recognised competitive sport."

The statement added that the operator engaged an event company to conduct the day's activities, and was provided a proposal of the popular acts that "migrant workers enjoy and which were held in other dormitories".

"Pole dancing is one of them," the statement said.

The orange pillar seen behind the stage is regularly seen in photos featuring the interior of Tuas South Dormitory.


Responses to the video were split.

Those who were critical said this sort of dance does not represent Chinese culture or Lunar New Year.

On TikTok, a majority of the comments condemned the dance and questioned its appropriateness during this festive occasion.

Many were critical of the choice of dance, as it was risque and not in line with Chinese New Year festivities.

On Reddit, some questioned why was the operator allowed to organise such an event, and put the blame on them instead of the dormitory.

Others questioned if it was organised by the workers' employer.

Those who saw no problems with it said it was 2023 and the workers have probably seen more things on the internet.

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