Quan Yifong muses about difficulties of being a 'modern mum' after taking photos of daughter by the beach

A mother's love.

Hayley Foong | January 10, 2023, 07:09 PM

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Parenting a child in the age of social media sure comes with its unique set of challenges.

For local host Quan Yifong, this problem presented itself while helping her daughter Eleanor Lee take photos by the beach.

Quan and Lee are currently in Thailand for their holiday and visited Hua Hin Beach.

On Monday (Jan. 9), Quan made an Instagram post to share some thoughts she had after taking photos of her daughter.

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The caption translates to:

"Modern mum worries.

The photo was taken by me, while taking the photos, I wondered: ‘Where will the photo be posted? Will she still keep the photos even if they are badly taken?

You will see a diligent mother on the beach, taking photos in all sorts of weird positions, while feeling puzzled and perplexed.

After checking social media, sure enough, the photos were posted. But as to whether she was showing [too much skin]............ Hmm....

Did I ask for it?

Wasn’t I the one who wanted to come to the beach?

Wasn’t I the one who approved of your choice of swimsuit?

Wasn’t I the one who helped you to apply the sunscreen?

Wasn’t I the one who held the camera too?

Wasn’t I the one who took all the pictures?

Well, she’s my flesh and blood after all."

Modern mum worries

Quan screenshotted her daughter's Facebook post of pictures of Lee wearing a bikini while enjoying a coconut, taken by Quan herself.

The caption encapsulated Quan's self-contradictory thoughts as she took pictures of her daughter in a swimsuit.

On one hand, she wanted to help her daughter take nice photos during their vacation.

On the other, her protective instincts kicked in when she felt that the photos might be too revealing.

She concluded the post with a checklist of self-interrogating questions, ultimately "blaming" herself but also revealing her unconditional and universal love for Lee.

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