2 police officers wheel man, 70, home after his mobility scooter runs out of battery at Ganges Ave


Fiona Tan | January 19, 2023, 01:12 PM

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Two Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers were filmed pushing a man on a personal mobility aid (PMA) on the pedestrian walkway along Ganges Avenue.

It turns out that the two officers were wheeling the man home after he was left stranded as his mobility scooter had run out of battery.

Elderly's mobility scooter not working

Two videos of the incident were shared by Charlie Tan on the Singapore Incidents Facebook group.

The two police officers could be seen pushing the elderly person on a mobility scooter along Ganges Avenue and safely across the road.

According to SPD's website, PMAs refer to devices such as wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, or mobility scooters which are designed to carry an individual who is unable to walk or has walking difficulties.

The male police officer could be seen putting his back into pushing the mobility scooter, which appeared to have stopped working.

Video from Singapore Incident/Facebook.

The female police officer remained by the side of the mobility scooter, patiently steering the device and making sure that it did not go off the path.

She also shielded the elderly person from oncoming traffic as the trio made their way across the road.

Video from Singapore Incident/Facebook.

Sent man home

SPF told Mothership that the incident happened at around 11:55am on Jan. 17.

The officers were responding to a call for assistance along Ganges Avenue where they found a 70-year-old man.

He was stranded as his PMA had run out of battery and stopped working.

The police said the officers sent the man all the way home, before going back to their duties.

Individuals online praised the officers

Those who watched the video have commended the two police officers for their actions.

Image screenshot from Facebook.

Image screenshot from Facebook.

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Top image screenshot from video on Singapore Incidents/Facebook.