PM Lee: Ang Mo Kio is 'one of the towns' HDB will be renewing

The renewal programme includes building more ActiveSG sports facilities.

Matthias Ang | January 29, 2023, 03:23 PM

Ang Mo Kio is one of the towns that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will be renewing, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Jan. 28, at the Teck Ghee Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner.

PM Lee, who is the Ang Mo Kio GRC MP, added, "They have got plans on which we are consulting residents and refining, and we will be rolling them out progressively over the next few years."

What are the plans for Ang Mo Kio specifically?

Within Ang Mo Kio, PM Lee highlighted that the programme will include renewing the swimming pool at Avenue 1 and building more ActiveSG sports facilities.

He elaborated, "So it is not just a swimming pool – you will have dance studios, you will have courts for playing games, you will have activities for old folks, young people, and many more things you can do."

As for the immediate work that will begin following Chinese New Year, PM Lee said this will involve upgrading the main shopping street leading from Ang Mo Kio Hub to the Town Centre.

"We will have more barrier-free walkways, sheltered rest areas; and we will have revamped the children’s playground. You will have a place which is more convenient, nicer. You can sit, you can rest, you can shop, you can eat, you can enjoy yourself," he added.

This upgrade is also expected to be completed within the year.

PM Lee recently launched the Ang Mo Kio Town development plan exhibition two weeks ago, an exhibition that showcases the plans and upgrades for the constituency.

Transport connectivity is also being improved in Ang Mo Kio

In addition, transport connectivity is being improved in Ang Mo Kio.

PM Lee highlighted that construction for the North-South Corridor is ongoing while work on the Cross Island Line has just started, with scaffolding put in place at Ang Mo Kio Central and Teck Ghee station.

Renewal projects have also been planned for Teck Ghee, including neighbourhood renewal in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 for blocks 338 to 340, and also block 342.

This will entail repainting the blocks and installing new covered walkways, PM Lee said.

He added, "These are all things which, for the time being, may be a bit of inconvenience, but I hope you will bear with us, because it is to improve the amenities to make Ang Mo Kio a nicer place to live."

Inflation for 2022 was about four to five per cent

PM Lee also touched on the issue of inflation, noting that it was about four to five per cent for 2022.

In acknowledging how such an issue was on people's minds due to the impact on their spending habits, he said, "Food prices, energy prices, and electricity prices have all gone up, and they have gone up not just in Singapore, but in other countries too."

The government has therefore been helping more vulnerable Singaporeans and those from the lower-income groups through various means such as cash distribution, GST vouchers, U-Save, MediSave top-ups, and Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers.

He said, "I hope you will work with us and tide through this time by adjusting your spending habits by going shopping for the best deals, the best, most attractive offers. Together we will get through this."

Top photo via MCI