Jackson Wang hopes to find life partner before 40 so as to spend more time with future child


Hayley Foong | January 09, 2023, 06:39 PM

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Jackson Wang wants to find a girlfriend before he turns 40, and there's a well thought-out reason behind it.

In an interview with TVB, the 28-year-old artiste was asked if he has any intention to start dating.

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Wang explained to the host that he "really wants to date" and it wasn't that he "didn't try or that there weren't opportunities".

Rather, it is due to the circumstances and nature of his job that prevent him from developing any relationships for now.

"For instance, I really like your personality and I'd like to know you better, but I might need to fly off to Thailand, then Korea the day after. There's like no opportunity [to get to know you] and no more [spark]," he shared.

If he's still single by 40...

But that doesn't mean that he's desperate. At least, not yet.

"I think I'd leave it to fate for now," Wang shared.

"If I'm unable to meet someone by the time I'm 35 or 40 years old, I will just post on Instagram to say that I really don't have a girlfriend, and if can someone help me with this," he stated.

There's a very simple reason why he's set this deadline: he wants to spend more time with his future child.

Wang reasoned that if he doesn't hurry things up by that age, it might result in a situation where the age gap between him and his kid is too large, and he will not be able to fully enjoy their time spent together.

He mused, "I won't be able to drink alcohol with the kid, have conversations with the kid, and I won't even be able to exercise with the kid without worrying about high blood pressure or getting a heart attack. It's not cool, you know?"

His possible future parenting style

During his recent trip to Singapore, Wang spoke about how his niece, Aimee, is under a lot of stress from her parents.

He has told his brother: "I understand that you want her to be like, talented, whatever, but sometimes... Come on,  they're kids, you know? They're supposed to be in a playground, having fun, screaming, right? Let that happen."

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