'You thick skin': S'pore Gojek driver orders passenger to get out for adjusting car aircon & seat without asking

Gojek apologised and offered the passenger a 10 per cent off voucher, which is capped at S$3.

Fiona Tan | January 08, 2023, 06:53 PM

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Things got heated between a Gojek driver and his passenger recently.

Adjusted car seat and aircon without permission

And the reason?

For apparently adjusting the seat and aircon without asking for permission, according to a TikTok video uploaded by Christopher Seetoh (@cseetoh15).

Speaking to Mothership, Seetoh said he was the passenger and was headed to East Coast Road from Sin Ming Drive at around 6:30pm on Jan. 7.

The nearly three-minute footage, which Seetoh likely filmed in the middle of the journey when tensions were rising, was accompanied by a text onscreen that read "never experience[d] such a rude Gojek driver in my life".

The driver can be seen pointing his index finger at Seetoh in the video, where he said: "Since you're no [longer] my customer, you get out of my car, or else you'll be [considered] trespassing."

In response, Seetoh asked: "What did I do? I just shifted the seat back [because] my legs [are] long."

He later explained that he was 1.75m tall and had to adjust the front seat to get into the front seat.

He continued speaking but was cut off by the driver, whose voice drowned out his words in the video.

Seetoh admitted to the driver that he did adjust the aircon, saying "I just lowered a bit the wind speed", and perhaps trivialising his actions.

He told Mothership that he "pressed the button to lower [the aircon] a notch" as he felt like it was "blowing strongly" at that time.

"You thick skin!"

The driver did not feel the same way about Seetoh's actions, arguing that he had supposedly made all of these adjustments without asking him for permission.

He added: "You should [have] asked me, 'Can I lower it?'."

"What the hell is wrong [with that]? I waited for you 15 minutes," Seetoh can be heard responding.

The driver goes on to rehash another thing that Seetoh did that also made him displeased. He called Seetoh crazy for apparently asking him if the ride has been started when he has "already checked in".

"No, you have to send me to my destination, I am not getting out of the car," Seetoh replied, but the driver insisted that Seetoh should get out of his car, exclaiming angrily that he was thick-skinned.

The pair went back and forth a few times as the car continued traveling forward in the video , with the driver claiming that he had the right to kick Seetoh out of the car and repeatedly demanding that he exit his vehicle.

He also said Seetoh should not have touched the car seat because it was not his car, adding "You are sitting in people's car [you] know. You think what? Taxi, ah?"

"I don't like that you fiddled with my aircon"

In response, Seetoh said: "I asked you to take the outermost lane and you start shouting at me."

"That's the center lane and I don't like [that] you fiddled with my aircon ... get out of my car," the driver replied.

At this point, the car turns into a HDB estate presumably with a police station nearby as Seetoh asked the driver to "go to the police post" where he can lodge a report against the driver.

The driver heads into an open-air car park while canceling the trip on his phone.

Seetoh can be heard removing his seatbelt and attempting to disembark from the vehicle, but was stopped by the driver for safety reasons, who was still reversing into an empty lot.

Once the vehicle stopped moving, the driver shouted aggressively for Seetoh to get out of his car and can be seen swinging his arm wildly to chase him away.

The driver moved off almost immediately after Seetoh stepped out of the car.

Driver was apparently driving in an "odd manner"

After the incident, Seetoh said the driver "blew his top" after he suggested to him to take the outermost lane just before the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway.

"I was shocked at his behaviour as I wasn't rude nor demanding to him the entire ride."

He also claimed the driver was driving in an odd manner during the journey, where he kept looking at his GPS instead of the traffic ahead and moved at 40km/h on the Pan Island Expressway towards Changi.

Seetoh said: "He started shouting at me and was looking at me while driving while fiddling [with] his GPS."

All of this happened while the pair were reportedly in the middle of the highway.

Reported incident to police and Gojek

Seetoh said he alighted the vehicle at Merpati Road, adding that he has since reported the incident to the police and to Gojek.

A Gojek's customer service executive replied him in an email seen by Mothership, apologising and saying that they will be "taking specific action against the driver" and "monitoring the driver's account for future complaints".

They added that further actions will be taken and may include the suspension of the driver’s account, if necessary.

The executive also offered Seetoh a 10 per cent off voucher, which is capped at S$3.

However, Seetoh said he is not satisfied with the ride-hailing platform's reply to him.

Mixed reactions to video

There were mixed reactions to the TikTok video, based on the comments section.

Some individuals were of the view that Seetoh should not have touched the aircon and the seat without asking the driver first.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

Others, on the other hand, felt like there was nothing wrong with Seetoh's actions.

For them, the fault lay with the driver, who was not only rude but also making a mountain out of a molehill.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

Some individuals were a little more neutral, saying that both parties were to blame for the incident.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

A handful of understanding individuals chalked up the driver's anger to simply having a bad day.

Image screenshot from @christopherseetoh6/TikTok.

Mothership has reached out to Gojek for clarifications.

You can watch the TikTok below.

@cseetoh15♬ original sound - Christopher See Toh

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