Donnie Yen on favourite food in S'pore & how he chooses what movies to make

Back in Singapore after four years.

Russell Ang | January 12, 2023, 10:48 PM

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If you still didn't know yet, Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen is currently in town to promote his latest movie "Sakra".

He was at VivoCity today (Jan. 12) at 7pm for a meet-and-greet session.

At 59 years young, the actor has nearly four decades of acting experience under his belt.

Yen landed his first starring role in the 1984 film "Drunken Tai Chi" and has since gone on to star in multiple blockbuster flicks like "Ip Man" and "Raging Fire".

Good to be back

Hours before the meet-and-greet session, Yen held a press conference with local media.

Photo via Golden Village Pictures

When Mothership asked Yen how he felt to be back in Singapore after four years, he said he "had yet to try any local food" as he had just touched down from his flight.

His Instagram story on Jan. 12 showed that his wife, Hong Kong model, Cissy Wang, is also here with him.

Photo via @donnieyenofficial on Instagram

"Everytime I'm in Singapore I have a great time because I can be more relaxed because the pace is less intense [compared] to Hong Kong," he said.

Yen then shared that his favourite food in Singapore are durians, laksa and chilli crabs.

On trying new things

The actor also revealed during the press conference before he started filming for "Ip Man", some were skeptical of his decision to pursue the project.

According to Yen, it was only when the film became "successful" did people start encouraging him to work on similar movies.

"As an artist, you got to have that guts. You got to have that vision to take that step forward," he said.

When Mothership asked if it has become more difficult to try something new and out of his comfort zone as his popularity grew, Yen replied:

"Of course you have more pressure and more responsibility, because everybody would look at what you do in every step of the way.

But then, I also have the experience and have the market value to receive that kind of support to go forward.

In order to strive forward, you have to throw yourself out there and take that chance."

Yen then emphasised that experience and knowledge are important.

"It's not like 'Okay, let me make a movie about making laksa'. But I do what I do best, which is doing action movies."

Photo via Golden Village Pictures

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