Song Joong Ki's agency declines to comment on rumours that his girlfriend is pregnant

The agency did not want to comment on the actor's personal affairs.

Tan Min-Wei | December 26, 2022, 05:41 PM

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An anonymous post saying that South Korean actor Song Joong Ki's girlfriend is pregnant is gaining traction online, but the actor's agency refuses to comment on his personal life.

Descendent of the descendent

Song Joong Ki's agency, High Zium Studio, recently confirmed that the "Descendants of the Sun" actor has a long term love interest.

In the wake of that revelation, Allkpop has reported that an anonymous post on a Korean online forum claimed that Song was recently spotted at an OBGYN office with his girlfriend.

The post went on to speculate that the couple might be expecting a child, and that they would be married soon.

Song's agency refused to verify matters related to the actor's personal life, and refused to comment further.

There are some notable issues with the post, as the poster did not see the actor firsthand, but was told of the visit by an acquaintance. They also identified the girlfriend as Italian, although it has been reported elsewhere that she is British.

Commenters on the Koreaboo site also heavily criticised the rumours, saying that this was Song's private business, with one also noting that there were many reasons beyond pregnancy for women to visit OBGYNs.

Who's that girl

This comes after Song apparently introduced his British girlfriend to staff members during a recent press conference in Singapore to promote his newest drama series, Reborn Rich.

The couple were recently spotted returning from Singapore and on dates.

Speculation has reached a fever pitch over the identity of the woman, with allkpop reporting on speculation that she is British actress Katy Louise Saunders.

This appears to be based on a passing visual similarity, as well as an awards show acceptance speech where Song thanks "Katy, Narla, Maya, Antes".

Image from Facebook

The last two names appear to be shared by Saunders's dogs, according to an Facebook post from 2014, although that would mean that the dogs are extremely long-lived.

Similarly to the pregnancy rumours, Song's agency has refused to comment on his private life.

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