Jackson Wang says 'really cannot lah' after S'pore fan asks for tattoo design

"Reaaaaally cannot," he said.

Fasiha Nazren | December 22, 2022, 03:40 PM

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If you didn't know yet, international superstar Jackson Wang is on our shores.

The singer's schedule is jam-packed with events, with his first being a meet-and-greet session at Far East Square on Dec. 21.

About 250 fans attended the event organised by local skincare brand Skin Inc, where they got to take a picture with Wang and a candid question-and-answer session after.

Fan requests for tattoo design

One fan, in particular, asked if he could draw a design of a tattoo for her.

Unfortunately, Wang fervently denied her request.

Here's how the interaction went:

Fan: "I want to get a design of a tattoo. Do you think you can help me?"

Wang: "Cannot lah."

Fan: "For this... You can speak Mandarin, right? This is something very personal and meaningful, so I can't help you decide."

The fan then told him that she already has a tattoo idea in mind, which is one of his song lyrics but it is in his handwriting.

While imitating a Singaporean Chinese accent, he said: "办不了 (bàn bùliǎo)", which means "can't do it".

The fan asked one more time and was, alas, still rejected.

In the most Singaporean way, he repeatedly said: "Reaaaaally cannot."

Here's the full video:

He loves durians but...

When asked if he has tried durian, Wang took the opportunity to tell (and perhaps rant) to his fans that while he loves durian, he doesn't love it that much.

"This is the thing I got to really talk about durian. Because I said I love durian, every single person I meet gives me durian. [...] That doesn't mean I have to eat it every five minutes, you know?"

He added: "I love durian... But yeah don't worry, I'll get it myself."

Wang will be in town till at least Dec. 26.

In the days to come, his schedule will be filled with events including his concert on Dec. 23, an afterparty at Marina Bay Sands' infinity pool and Marquee on Dec. 24 and 25, and an album promotion event at Design Orchard on Dec. 26. Phew.

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Top image by Russell Ang and Fasiha Nazren.