Is Ice Magic, the winter-themed Bayfront attraction, worth the visit & wait?

We've also got tips to make the most out of your experience should you decide to visit.

Lee Wei Lin | December 11, 2022, 07:20 PM

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The Great Bay Fiesta -- complete with circus, carnival, food and winter playground -- is open from now till Jan. 1, 2023, and is located at the Bayfront Event Space.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Out of the main attractions, the winter playground, Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice, has been attracting long queues.

The organisers have apologised and implemented measures to ease waiting times.

But what's inside?

What's inside

The 2,400 square metre space has the following features:

Snow slope

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

The snow slope was the highlight of our visit -- we're guilty of going on it multiple times -- but we learned the hard way that the ride down can get a little bumpy.

Pro tip: Don't let your bum touch the bottom of the float while you're on the slide, because going over a bump can hurt.

Figure 8 ice slide

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

This was the milder of the two slides, and we observed kids enjoying this more. Perhaps because sliding down here isn't as fast -- and scary.

Pro tip: If you're going with kids, be prepared to queue again and again for this.

Ice cycling rink

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Ice cycling was fun when the rink was empty, but things got a bit tougher when the space started filling up.

Pro tip: You might not get a lot of cycling done when the space is full, so choose to enter only if there's enough space for your bike to move.

Ice curling

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

When we heard that there would be ice curling, we immediately thought of this:

Video from Olympic Games Facebook

Unfortunately, there are no curling brooms available when we turned up. Sad.

Pro tip: Visit with the knowledge that you will not realise your Olympic dreams here.

Ice bowling

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

There's only one bowling lane, and you have to set the pins up yourself.

Pro tip: Be prepared to spend more time setting up the pins than actually bowling.

There are also ice sculptures to take photos with, along with a life-sized igloo.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

There is no limit on how much time you can spend at each feature.

Winter wear provided

Visitors to Ice Magic will be offered a winter coat and boots.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

That being said, they are available in limited quantities,

Winter wear will not be provided for infants below the age of two.

Gloves are also available for rental at S$3 a pair.

Pro tip: if you want to skip the queue to pick up and drop off winter wear, and stand out from the sea of blue, bring your own gear:

So, is it worth a visit?

We'll say this: we were invited to visit the space in a media preview, and did not have to wait in line to enter.

We would pay for the ticket to visit again, but would we stand three hours in line to enter? Not quite.

Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice

Tickets: S$25 - S$45 per person, available on SISTIC

Address: Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm, daily

Visitors could previously stay inside until the end of their respective time slots: 10am - 2pm, 3pm - 7pm or 7pm - 10pm.

This has since been updated. Patrons can now arrive any time within their purchased window, and "will be allowed to stay till closing at 10pm if [they] wish".

Screenshot from SISTIC

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