Durian prices in S'pore lowest in 4 years, as low as S$10/kg for musang king

Pu zhua time (Get heaty time).

Belmont Lay | Hannah Martens | December 05, 2022, 01:56 PM

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A bumper crop of durians in Malaysia this year-end season has caused prices to dip to as low as S$10 per kg, or the lowest in four years.

Durian merchants that Shin Min Daily News spoke to unanimously agreed that durians were harvested in Johor and Pahang at the same time this season and the supply this time is particularly large.

As a result, prices have been adjusted downwards.

Favourable weather conditions was cited as one of the reasons for the good yield.

Musang king durians supply up

One durian merchant said the durian season at the end of the year usually yields limited number of durians and the prices are high.

However, durians in the two Malaysian states this year are harvested at the same time, making it peak season for consumers.

The merchant added that pricing for musang king now ranges from S$10 per durian for slightly less superior grades of the fruit, to S$10 per kg for the better quality ones.

The merchant said: "I get the goods at a low price, so the selling price is relatively cheap. In the past, the cheapest price was S$12 per kg. This time, S$10 per kg is really low."

Prices could get lower

Another merchant interviewed concurred that prices of musang king durian have indeed fallen and predicts prices could get lower.

The merchant said it is estimated that the price will drop again when the peak season enters the middle of December: "It is very likely that the price will be halved, and it is also possible that one musang king durian is S$5."

The mid-year durian season in 2022, it was also noted, lasted just over three weekends, which is relatively short.

This year-end bonanza is expected to last till at least February 2023 -- more than six weeks away.

Another durian seller said he has adjusted his prices of musang king durian two days ago from S$19 per kg to S$16 to reflect the bountiful supply.

Consumers still unaware of peak durian season

The current situation, as pointed out by one durian seller, is that consumers are still not aware that the durian season has arrived.

As a result, sales are about 40 per cent lower than regular peak season.

But with more consumers made aware of this current peak durian season, more demand will drive up supply, causing more durians to be imported into Singapore, which could drive prices down further.

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