Chick abandoned in box in Yishun HDB block lift, woman brings it home to keep it safe

Likely abandoned or lured inside.

Belmont Lay | December 21, 2022, 05:45 PM

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A woman residing in Yishun entered the lift in her block of flats to head to work at 8:30am, only to hear chirping noises.

Lo and behold, it turned out that there was a chick abandoned in a box inside.

She then took the chick home to keep it safe as she could not bear to leave it alone within the confines of a moving enclosed area.

The woman, Haida Johan, posted about her bizarre find in the Lost and found pets in Singapore Facebook group on Dec. 21.

Chick left in box

Speaking to Mothership, the Good Samaritan described what led to her unintentionally picking up a chick:

I entered the lift and there were two ladies inside with a stroller. I was wearing my headphones, but I could hear some faint chirping sounds. I thought the other passengers were playing something for the kid.

Upon stepping out, the lady behind me tapped on my shoulder and said that a baby chick was in a box. I turned around and looked at it.

I couldn't just leave it on the lift floor. So I picked it up and went back up to my home.

I've decide to keep it safe. Told my kids what they needed to do and at the same time I googled how to care for a baby chick.

Put chick in pet carrier

Photos and videos that Haida posted showed the chick with a white box placed in a pet carrier.

via Haida Johan

The post's caption sought advice from those who have experience caring for chicks before.

In her post, Haida also said she did not know how long was the chick kept in the box and abandoned in the lift, but she suspected that it was left behind intentionally.

She added: "So cute and so tiny. I don't understand why they abandoned it just like that."

That also motivated her to give the chick shelter.

She told Mothership: "Just want to put a stop to animal abandonment. The latest story on the cat being thrown off a building had made me angry and sad."

She also raised the possibility that the chick could have been part of her estate, as there are many free-roaming chickens frequently seen in the area.

Suggestions on how to care for chick

In response to her post, some commenters suggested feeding a particular type of food, while others encouraged her to introduce her pet cat to the chick so that they can co-exist -- assuming she is going to adopt it.

Haida said she has since received multiple messages within several hours from interested parties who want to take over custody of the baby bird.

However, she has not made a decision on what to do yet other than keeping the chick safe with her and providing for it for the time being.

She said: "I'm just not sure yet as I do not want the baby to fall into the wrong hands."

All media via Haida Johan