Carnival 'buffet' with rides, arcade & VR games at Downtown East lets you play all you want from S$28 per entry

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Adelene Wee | November 22, 2022, 04:35 PM

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The Mega Carnival is happening from now till Feb. 5, 2023.

Spanning over 40,000 sq feet, this carnival is held at D'Marquee @ Downtown East with four main segments:

  • Virtual Reality Station
  • Outdoor Station
  • Arcade Station
  • Dinosaur-themed exhibits

Per entry prices

Unlike usual carnivals where you have to pay per game, Mega Carnival offers you unlimited playtime at each game station with the purchase of a single ticket.

Sort of like a carnival buffet, if you will.

Tickets for weekdays are priced at S$28 and you get a playtime of 210 minutes (3.5 hours), while tickets for weekends are priced at S$32 and you get a playtime of 150 mins (2.5 hours).

Although the organiser says that the rides and activities are suitable for the entire family, we have a feeling that the kids will probably enjoy themselves more.

Here's a glance at each of the segments.

    1. Dinosaur-themed exhibits and game stations

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    The star of the show, according to the organisers, is a four-metre tall and 10-metre long animatronic dinosaur.

    Guest can also look forward to a variety of rides at the game stations:

    • Dino rides
    • Interactive dinosaur ball pits and sandpits
    • Saucer rides
    • Tree slides
    • Viking rides
    • Merry-go-round

    2. Inflatable stations

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Patrons can hop on to the inflatables and have fun with the ball challenge at the inflatable station.

    3. Virtual Reality stations

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Try out the Virtual Reality stations with four different attractions to choose from.

    • High intensity shooting game
    • Riding a motorbike
    • Skiing in the snow
    • Venturing through space

    4. Arcade Stations

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Expect classic arcade games like Daytona, LED air hockey and dance and music games at this carnival.

    Food Trucks and outdoor shelter game stations

    Photo courtesy of D'Marquee, Downtown East

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    Photo courtesy of Mega Carnival

    At the outdoor sheltered station, there will be a food truck where you can feed your growling stomach.

    You can also checkout attractions like:

    • Swan Pedal
    • Robot Navigator
    • Motorbike Adventure

    Lastly, don't forget to snap a family photo at the family dino egg photobooth.

    Mega Carnival


    D'Marquee @ Downtown East

    Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599

    When: Nov. 19, 2022 - Feb. 5, 2023

    Ticket Prices:

    • Mon - Fri: S$28/entry
    • Weekends, School Holidays, PH & Eve of PH: S$32/entry

      Purchase tickets to the carnival here.

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      Top image via Mega Carnival.