Taiwanese singer Eric Chou on his involvement in charity & his love for bak kut teh


Adelene Wee | November 05, 2022, 11:31 AM

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If you've turned on the TV in the past week, you might have spotted Eric Chou performing at the President's Star Charity 2022.

We spoke to the 27-year-old Taiwanese singer about his involvement, took the opportunity to ask him about Singapore, and find out more on what's next.

What were your considerations for choosing the songs to perform at the President's Star Charity?

We wanted the songs to be very heartwarming, so we picked one of my newest song, "Graduation", and one of the songs that I think is very happy and optimistic, called "That’s Why I Like You".

Since we are on the topic of charity, can you tell us about some of the charity work that you are involved in?

During Covid season, I donated quite a bit for a hospital resources and for one of my albums, I think it was a concert preparation, we had all the flowers that were gifted, we told them not to give us flowers, we use that money to give it to stranded dogs.

When did you start giving back to the society and what influenced you to do that?

I actually started in school [...], to do farm work, to do just work that is good to give back to the community. So I feel like that gave me a good fundamental of wanting to give back to the community.

Do you like the title of "Asia's Mandopop King"?

I think I like it, I think I give my fans a very heartwarming vibe, to give them a source that supports them and let them know someone’s there, to not let them feel lonely.

"My Best Friend's Breakfast" was the first movie that you have acted in. What are your thoughts towards acting and do you plan to venture into acting in the near future?

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Yes I think acting has been something that I always been very enthusiastic [about]  and I am very happy to be nominated for Golden Horse Awards this year for the first movie I ever did. I am so happy about that as it gives me confidence into the future acting roles that I will be doing.

If you could spend a day in Singapore doing anything that you wanted, what would you do?

I will spend it probably just eating a good rou gu cha (bak kut teh) and a good hai nan ji fan (Hainanese chicken rice). Good food makes me happy.

Why do you enjoy the white pepper ba kut teh in Singapore so much?

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Hey. I like it because I love hot soup and I also love white pepper with pork, so everything just works perfectly. And it is a very heartwarming food for me.

Do you have any future plans to share with us?

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Future plans? Very excited that we are doing a world tour with Odyssey. Next year, we are going to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. And currently, I am doing a North America tour, and this is all just very exciting.

Catch a repeat of the "President’s Star Charity 2022" on Channel 5 on Nov. 6, 3pm. 

Quotes in this interview have been edited for clarity.

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