Public fracas between Barbie Hsu & ex-husband over disputes on living expenses & expensive mattress

Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

Lee Wei Lin | November 26, 2022, 01:22 PM

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There's another messy celebrity divorce saga going on, courtesy of Taiwanese variety show host Barbie Hsu and Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei.

The pair divorced in November 2021.

They have an eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son.

Hsu then married Korean ex-lover DJ Koo in March 2022.

Hsu's petition

Taiwanese news outlet Mirror Media reported on Nov. 21 that Hsu filed a petition with the court, alleging that Wang stopped paying for her living expenses in March,

The arrangement is understood to be part of their divorce agreement.

The court ruled that Wang’s assets in Taiwan could be seized as Hsu has provided evidence.

Mirror Media said that his assets such as S hotel -- which he named after his then-wife in 2017 -- could be seized and auctioned off to pay Hsu.

Wang's response

Wang seemed to have a lot to say about what Hsu did, and posted 21 updates on his Weibo account on the day the news was released.

Screenshots from Wang Xiaofei's Weibo

Here's a summary of what Wang said:

  • He has only stopped paying for their electricity bills, and has a record of remittance records from the past year to prove it.
  • He has paid a total of RMB 40,490,786 (S$7,764,103) for their children's school fees and expenses, along with the salaries of Hsu's driver and helper.
  • He refuses to pay the electricity bill as Hsu has remarried.
  • He takes umbrage at Hsu and Hsu's mother's accusations of him not wanting to have anything to do with his children.

There was also this gem which he posted as a comment to his post, detailing how much he's sent to Hsu in the past year:

Screenshot from Wang Xiaofei's Weibo

It reads:

"I bought the house [Hsu is living in], which costs NT$400 million (S$17.78 million). I paid NT$240 million (S$10.67 million) upfront and am paying more than NT$1 million (S$44,458) a month for mortgage. [The house] is designed to suit my style and I watched them renovate it.

I can ignore the fact that someone else is staying in [my house], but can you please change the mattress [which we used to share], you useless being?

On top of that, you want me to pay your electricity bills, and want to keep my kids there? They should come back to Beijing!"

Wang flew to Taiwan on Nov. 22, reported ET Today.

The expensive mattress

The mattress that Wang and Hsu used to share became a point of contention as Wang's mother went on live stream to talk about how the mattress cost "millions" in renminbi. RMB 1 million is about S$191,749.

After some sleuthing, netizens guessed that Wang bought one of Swedish furniture maker Hästens' mattresses.

The brand has a US$390,000 (S$536,523) bed.

Returned to owner

According to ET Today, Hsu sent the mattress to Wang's S Hotel on Nov. 22, and he hired two men to cut it up in full view of the press. The process was also live streamed.

He is reported to have spent NT$15,000 (S$670) to engage a company to dispose of and recycle the mattress.

It was during the live stream that netizens noticed that the mattress was likely not from Hästens as its first layer looked like latex pad. The luxury brand is reported to use horsehair for the top layer of its mattresses.

S Hotel would only confirm that the mattress was retrieved from Hsu's home, but did not comment on the brand.

Uneasy truce

There seems to be a truce of sorts between Wang and Hsu as he posted the following updates on Nov. 25:

Screenshot from Wang Xiaofei's Weibo

He shared that the court has accepted his guarantee of NT$1,625,000 (S$72,240) and has halted the enforcement procedure against him.

"I don't want to mess with them since my kids are there," Wang added.

His second post, however, was much less neutral.

While saying that he can afford to pay for all the household expenses, he claimed that Hsu did not allow him to see his children.

More damning is his closing line: "I found it odd at the time, but it turns out that you guys had something going on since 2018. I don't want to go back. I feel ashamed for myself."

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Top photos from Barbie Hsu's Weibo & ET Today