Clip of Andy Lau riding high-speed rail train without bodyguards nearby goes viral

He's dubbed the "Heavenly King" for a reason.

Adelene Wee | November 24, 2022, 07:57 PM

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A video clip of "Heavenly King" Andy Lau was recently uploaded, showing him boarding a high-speed rail train to Xiamen, China, and of course, it went viral.

Boarding the high-speed rail

In the 48-second video posted on an Andy Lau fan Instagram page, the Hong Kong actor and singer was seen boarding the high-speed train.

There did not appear to be any bodyguards near him in the video.

The clip was posted on Nov. 23 and has since gained over 11,500 likes.

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

Lau was decked out in a black jacket and blue jeans, looking like any other passenger as he boarded the train.

Sanitising himself 

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

When he reached his seat, Lau was seen holding what appeared to be a bottle of sanitiser, and cheekily sprayed it all over himself and at the camera.

Travelling to Xiamen

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

The post shared that the 61-year-old was headed to Xiamen, which is a three-hour train ride away from wherever he boarded the train, which was not revealed.

Lau took some time enjoying the scenery while enjoying a beverage.

Netizens' response to the video

Some netizens were surprised that the Heavenly King actually took a high-speed rail without any bodyguards around him.

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

"Lau is humble and took a high-speed rail, and there isn't even any bodyguards around him."

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

Photo from andylauox/Instagram

"Really hope that I'll be able to bump into him one day."

One commenter pointed out that one may not even realise that Lau was just behind them in line, while another expressed her desire to meet him in real life somehow.

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Top image via andylauox/Instagram