Titus Low calls OnlyFans account his 'rice bowl', explains why he breached police order to access it

He hopes to raise S$2,845 to 'support' him while he is in jail.

Lee Wei Lin | October 17, 2022, 11:54 PM

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Singaporean content creator Titus Low has answered some burning questions about being sentenced to prison.

The 22-year-old was fined S$3,000 on Oct. 12 for transmitting obscene materials via online platform OnlyFans.

He was also sentenced to three weeks' jail for breaching a police order by accessing OnlyFans despite being warned not to do so.

At that time, the police said they also warned Low that a breach of the order would amount to a criminal offence.

Apparently will spend 14 days in prison

On Oct. 16, Low shared a YouTube video where he answered questions submitted by those who follow him on Instagram.

In it, he explained that he did not go to jail immediately after being sentenced as he was "given a little short break" before serving his time to "mentally prepare" himself.

He added that he felt "glad" that the case has finally been closed and he found the experience "traumatising" as he "had a lot of sleepless nights".

Low shared he couldn't "do things properly" as he was constantly worried about what was going to happen next.

"I just want to serve my sentence and start a new chapter in life," he concluded.

According to Low's lawyer, he will have to spend 14 days in prison despite being sentenced to three week's jail as "there will be some remission". He will also apparently not have to shave his head.

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OnlyFans was his "main source of income"

Low alleged that when police went to his home to investigate, he was told that there were "some nude photos of [him] going around, so actually [they] think it might have been shared by... might have been leaked outside of OnlyFans (sic)".

He continued:

"Back then, in my head, there wasn't any cases about OnlyFans content creators being charged or any news about it, so I thought it was completely fine and normal for us creators to do this kind of stuff -- as in, create content for subscribers.

So I continued doing... at that point of time I just shifted place and I had some liabilities going on.

OnlyFans was my main source of income, so I had to depend on it.

It was like my rice bowl. Telling me to stop it was going to affect my life so I knew that I couldn't do it.

Hence, I made a wrong decision and breached the [police] order despite the police [telling] me not to log into my OnlyFans for their investigation purposes."

Low asserted that he "felt the obligation to create content" for his subscribers as they had "prepaid" for his content.

He felt that "going missing" from the platform could possibly cause him to be "labelled as a scammer" or have his reputation ruined as his subscribers paid to see content being posted "frequently".

The content creator acknowledged that he "made a lot of bad decisions", and said he will only consider going back to making adult content if it is not against the law as he does "not want to go back to jail again".

Has started support fund

Separately, Low has started a support fund with a target of US$2,000 (S$2,845).

There is also an option for supporters to pay US$75 (S$107) for a "personalised [30 second to 1 minute] video message for any occasion".

Screenshot from Titus Low's Brixee

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Top photo from Titus Low's Brixee