Nas Daily creator spends US$150,000 on Caribbean passport to enter M'sia legally

Everything in Malaysia is 70% cheaper than Singapore, he claims.

Belmont Lay | October 25, 2022, 03:13 PM

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Nuseir Yassin, the Nas Daily creator and founder of the Nas Daily media company, has finally visited Malaysia on a social visit pass.

He documented his visit in a Oct. 22 video.

Previously, in September 2018, Yassin tried to enter Malaysia from Singapore but was unable to do so.

He explained then that he was banned from the country as he holds an Israeli passport.

Neither Malaysia nor Indonesia have diplomatic ties with Israel owing to their stance on Palestine.

How Nas Daily creator got into Malaysia

According to Free Malaysia Today, Yassin entered Malaysia using a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport on Oct. 15.

The explanation from Malaysia authorities came about after it was revealed that the vlogger had successfully visited the country despite being an Israeli.

It was reported that Yassin holds two citizenships: Israel and the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

In the video, Yassin claimed that he had to spend US$150,000 (S$213,504) to acquire the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

He could be seen arriving in Malaysia as a passenger in a BMW via the Singapore land crossing.

"I bought a whole new citizenship just to show you this country," the video's caption read.

Yassin, who was accompanied by members from his team, appeared apprehensive initially while crossing the border, given that he was aware he was not supposed to visit Malaysia with an Israeli passport and was unsure if his alternative passport would work.

The content creator currently runs his company from Singapore.

How Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship works

According to information online, the US$150,000 sum Yassin paid is likely considered a non-refundable investment in the Caribbean country, which entitles the investor to an accelerated citizenship application process.

Citizenship can be granted in about two months.

Holders of the Saint Kitts and Nevis passport have visa-free access to 156 countries out of 199 after a successful application, without the investor having even set foot on the island.

What video showed

In the four-minute video, Yassin flashed his Saint Kitts and Nevis passport to the camera as recounted how he failed to enter Malaysia because of his Israeli citizenship.

His first attempt at entering Malaysia took place four years ago, and featured him standing in Singapore across the strait from Johor.

His latest video featured the people on the streets of Malaysia and various places of interest there, including the colourful cities, as well as lauding the country for retaining large swathes of lush greenery.

The video primarily showcased Melaka.

At one point, Yassin claimed that prices for things in Malaysia are much lower in Malaysia: "Everything here is 70 per cent cheaper from Singapore."

His video also highlighted that he was "shocked" to find out he was readily accepted in Malaysia by the people.

"For a country I was banned from, I was shocked at how friendly everyone was," he said.

"But on my way out of the country, as I got one more stamp in my passport, I learned a valuable lesson. Governments are different from people. Governments may ban each other. Governments may fight each other, but people do not have to. Deep down inside, people just want to connect."


Israeli passport holders are not permitted to enter Malaysia unless they have written permission from the country's Home Ministry.

The Malaysian passports even bear the inscription, “This passport is valid for all countries except Israel”, with the exception to this rule being that Malaysian Christians are allowed by the Malaysian government to enter Israel for up to 21 days for religious purposes.

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