YouTuber JianHao Tan, 29, starts S$3 million business selling cars at Bukit Batok

Hyped for cars.

Ashley Tan | October 08, 2022, 07:50 PM

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YouTube isn't the end of the line for JianHao Tan, who recently revealed that he's started his own car dealership.

Called HypeCars, the 29-year-old brought followers around the showroom in a short TikTok video.

@thejianhaotanI just started a new business ventures selling cars!! If you’re ever looking to buy or sell a car, come to HypeCars!♬ nhạc nền - darling.ism

Unexpected venture

Tan told Mothership that never imagined himself venturing into the business, considering how different it is from the creative industry of producing videos.

"To be honest, if you asked me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have expected myself starting a car business. It’s completely different to what I do daily in a creative agency like Titan as a YouTuber."

However, Tan has always "really liked cars", and considers it his hobby.

He thus partnered several friends and fellow car enthusiasts to start HypeCars, with the business costing around S$3 million in total.

Reflecting on his first big purchase in his earlier years as a YouTuber—his dream car, a yellow Maserati GranTurismo—Tan shares that he was very young and uncertain of the proper procedures to purchase a vehicle.

As such, HypeCar's mission is to be "effective and helpful to car buyers and sellers."

"These days, I see a lot of my peers and friends my age getting cars. So hopefully we can service these people and make it a smooth, fun and easy experience," he elaborates.

He also hopes to be able to work with influencers in this venture, as well as to "make videos and just enjoy cars together".

Photo courtesy of JianHao Tan

Looking to expand

Considering that Tan is still running Titan Digital Media and regularly pushing out videos on his YouTube channel, Tan has been multi-tasking while starting this new business.

Renovations for the showroom were recently completed, and the company is currently building up its team of staff.

He adds that thankfully, he has great partners who are understanding of his commitments and are able to share the workload.

Tan's goal for HypeCars is pragmatic: to buy and sell as many cars as possible, and to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Already, the team is looking for another unit to expand the business.

Tan reveals that they might also be bringing in electric models into the market, and has hopes that HypeCars "can play a big part in EV (electric vehicle) adoption in Singapore".

Currently, the HypeCars Instagram page displays a variety of car models, from a Nissan Sylphy and Honda Civic, to a BMW M4 and Audi R8.

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The showroom is located at WCEGA Plaza at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #03-02.

Plans for the future

Tan adds that his plans still revolve around growing his media agency.

"And yes I will still be focusing on making YouTube videos. Maybe now I will have to do '10 Types of Car Buyers' next," he quips.

Nevertheless, he is considering diversifying his businesses, and might even venture into property.

For now, family remains an important part of his life as well:

"The important thing I’ve learned over the years is to have fun with it and do something I’m truly passionate about.

And finally, my personal main goal for the future is to also spend more time with my daughter.

Amidst a busy schedule, I try my best to involved in my daughter’s life as she’s growing so fast. She love cars too so hopefully she will get excited when she sees all the cars at the HypeCars showroom!"

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