Taiwan veteran home 'deeply regrets' Mid-Autumn Festival event where woman performs steamy dance for elderly resident

Not your typical Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Lee Wei Lin | September 10, 2022, 04:41 PM

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A Taiwanese veteran home has come under fire for holding a controversial Mid-Autumn festival event.

According to the Taoyuan Veterans Home, VAC, Executive Yuan's page, they are a government-run organisation.

Some of its residents, including retired army officers and soldiers who meet other specific requirements, have their stays paid for by the government.

Photo by Taoyuan Veterans Home, VAC, Executive Yuan

What the video showed

A viral video of a woman dressed in lingerie, heels and a mask starts with her sitting on the floor in front of an audience of men in wheelchairs and spreading her legs in the air.

Screenshot from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook

There were at least 12 residents present during the performance.

She later holds on to the sides of one of the men's wheelchairs and brings her chest close to his face.

Screenshot from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook

Following which, she holds the man's wrist and guides his hand towards her breasts. He complies, and his other hand follows suit.

Screenshot from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook

The video ends off with the woman doing a body wave while guiding the man's hand from her neck downwards to touch her chest, stomach and crotch.

Screenshot from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook

The 35-second clip, which was posted on a Facebook group on Sep. 9, has amassed over 6,500 shares and 9,200 comments in about 27 hours.

There were at least two other people recording the performance on their phones.

Screenshot from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook

Home apologises

After the clip went viral, the veteran home was criticised for the controversial display.

They have since told Taiwanese news outlet Liberty Times Net that they "deeply regret" what happened.

The clip was apparently recorded on Sep. 7 and was an event specially arranged for residents who have mobility problems.

During the 15-minute performance, the dancer became "overzealous" as she wanted her audience to "feel [her] enthusiasm and energy" by getting close to them.

They added that they are "very sorry" and will be "more cautious" about the events they hold in future.

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Top screenshots from Shäkirä Isäbël via Facebook