S'pore student screaming head off for free McDonald's ice cream gets 22 million TikTok views

He screamed himself Super Saiyan stiff.

Belmont Lay | September 10, 2022, 03:32 AM

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In the spirit of "You scream, I scream, everybody scream for ice cream", McDonald's in Singapore offered a free Hershey's cone to anyone who raised their voice loud enough at a digital board located at the soft serve booth at Funan mall.

This three-day marketing giveaway gimmick from Aug. 29 to 31 proved to be a hit, as it allowed people here to express their most primal selves by digging deep to unleash their most visceral scream -- in public, without anyone getting hurt.

Except maybe for those who sustained some soreness to their larynx from screaming too loudly.

Funny to watch

Not to mention, it was super funny to watch people go up to an inanimate object and having a go at it with their voice just to get a chance to get a free dessert.

And generate buzzworthy content it did, as a 13-second TikTok video that compiled three scenes of different people screaming outside Funan's McDonald's outlet raked in 22 million views in a week.

@yukianggia Replying to @Aisyah Siti Arum Sho ♬ Bad Habits - eydrey

Most impressive screamer

However, it was the second person featured, a student, who got most people's attention, according to the responses in the comments section of the TikTok video, which was watched by people globally.

The student was seen screaming himself stiff, a la going into Super Saiyan mode, as he tiptoed, thrusted his head back, threw both fists towards the ground repeatedly, and let it rip till he appeared to spasm and was about to burst.

He was screaming so loudly that the woman in charge of manning the booth had to walk away from him, seemingly concerned as if she might hurt her ears.

The digital board promptly responded to the student's screams, as it clearly showed the vanilla cone transforming into a Hershey's cone once the target decibel level was reached within seconds.

Without a doubt, this was the best way to de-stress in the middle of the day in town without looking like a lunatic -- and getting rewarded.

Top photos via @yukianggia TikTok