S'pore actress Nurul Aini flexes Chinese proficiency while pranking phone scammer


Lee Wei Lin | September 15, 2022, 06:56 PM

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There has been an increase in scam cases over the years, which has led some Singaporeans to ignore suspicious calls.

Local actress Nurul Aini, on the other hand, has taken to pranking the scammers instead.

Academy Award-worthy performance

In a Sep. 14 video she posted on Instagram, she filmed herself having a conversation with someone who appears to be a fake ICA officer. He informed her that there was a problem with her Singpass account.

The entire conversation was carried out in Chinese.

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She proceeded to tell the man that her name is Chen De Gui, which sounds a lot like Zhen De Gui, or "real ghost".

The man proceeded to ask how to spell it -- and Nurul complied -- before he said that he would confirm what was going on.

Shortly after, he claimed access to her Singpass would be restricted and her passport would be under observation. Nurul pretended to panic and asked the man for help.

He provided a lengthy explanation about how her phone number had sent out "suspicious" messages which were then reported by others. When he asked her for an explanation, she insisted that she never did such a thing.

Nurul sounded so convincingly distressed that the scammer carried on with his ruse for over three minutes.

Plot twist

At the end of the video, Nurul repeated that she did not send the messages the man spoke of because she "is a ghost".

"I'm a real ghost. I'm coming. I'm coming to find you," she added, using a voice nobody would not want to hear at night.

Unsurprisingly, the man hung up.

Not the first time she's pranked scammers

This is not the first time the actress has pulled such a trick.

Earlier this month, she had a similar conversation with a fake Ministry of Health (MOH) officer, and got the other party to hang up by singing Taiwanese singer A-mei's "原来你什么都不想要" ("Turns out you don't want anything").

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