Woman & friend allegedly beaten by 3 unknown men at Marquee at 2:30am, assailants sought

They claim the attack was unprovoked.

Fiona Tan | September 05, 2022, 08:05 PM

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A young woman's night out at Marquee went awry after she was allegedly assaulted by three unknown men.

Did not know alleged assailants

The 23-year-old woman, Leeanne O'Donnell, was at Marquee to catch KSHMR's performance on Sep. 3, 2022.

Leeanne told Mothership that she, her date, Julia, and six of their friends were standing at the podium to the right of the DJ's deck.

She said Julia, 25, noticed a Chinese man staring at her when she looked across her shoulder to her right.

He was standing at the table in front of both women and had chin-length hair and was dressed in a white t-shirt.

Shortly after Julia made eye contact with the Chinese man, another Chinese man "charged towards" her.

Leeanne said she believes that both men are acquainted with each other, adding that Julia and her do not know the men nor have they seen them before the incident.

Assault lasted two to three minutes

Based on the accounts of eyewitnesses, Leeanne said the man had asked Julia for her name and apparently punched her in the face after she leaned in to hear what he was saying.

The impact caused her to fall down to the ground, where two men apparently continued to kick her despite her attempts to retaliate.

Leeanne said she tried to stop the men and protect Julia, but someone allegedly shoved her and started kicking her face after she landed on the ground.

The entire incident lasted for around 2 to 3 minutes before Marquee's bouncers noticed the kerfuffle.

It was around 2:30am on Sep. 4 at the time of the assault.

Image from @leeannexkelly/Instagram.

Lacked details of what happened

The bouncers stepped in and escorted the pair to the medical room at the back of the club.

They told Julia that they were unable to identify and nab the alleged assailants at that time of the incident as it was very chaotic.

Julia did not manage to see who the supposed assailants were as her spectacles had fallen off during the alleged assault.

Similarly, Leeanne said she could not recall much of what happened during the attack and how many assailants there were as she was in shock and crying.

The bouncers brought Julia back to the podium, where the incident unfolded, to identify the alleged assailants.

However, she said it was impossible to find the assailants as there were too many people.

Sprained arm and trouble seeing

After the unsuccessful attempt to locate the alleged assailants, Leeanne and Julia decided to seek medical treatment at Raffles Hospital as Leeanne's right eye had started turning red and swelling up.

Both women filed police reports in the afternoon before they went for their medical checkup on Sep. 4.

The incident left them with multiple bruises.

Leeanne, who has more injuries than Julia, sprained her right arm, which required to be placed in a cast.

She is also having trouble with her vision, and is seeing "lines and dots" through her right eye, which can be seen bleeding from her Instagram stories.

Image from @leeannexkelly/Instagram.

Image from @leeannexkelly/Instagram.

Investigations ongoing

The Singapore Police Force confirmed that a police report has been lodged, adding that investigations are ongoing.

Leeanne said she will be meeting with the police's investigation office this week.

She has yet to hear from Marquee, whom Mothership has reached out to for comment.

She hopes to identify the alleged assailants and find out the reason for the unprovoked assault, or at the very least claim their hospital bills.

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Top image from @leeannexkelly/Instagram