S'pore man orders KFC, gets palm-sized fried chicken drumstick that looks like drumlet


Fiona Tan | September 09, 2022, 06:04 PM

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A man in Singapore could not help but fell dissatisfied as his KFC fried chicken order left him wanting for more.

"Very big drumstick"

This was after he received a questionably sized fried chicken drumstick.

The fried chicken eater then took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook page to air his grievances.

To elaborate his point, the man uploaded photos of the supposedly palm-sized drumstick, where he sarcastically wrote: "I’ve got a very big drumstick yesterday at KFC, the most filling in the tummy meal. 🙂"

In one of the photos, he could be seen cradling the deep fried poultry in his hand, whilst also using it for scale.

The fried chicken drumstick rested comfortably in his hand.

Image by Kentut Bau from Complaint Singapore/Facebook.

The man went further to prove his point by juxtaposing the fried chicken drumstick against KFC burgers' paper box packaging and the paper tray that it was served in.

When placed beside the burger box, the fried chicken drumstick looked slightly smaller or almost the same length as the depth of the box.

Image by Kentut Bau from Complaint Singapore/Facebook.

Image by Kentut Bau from Complaint Singapore/Facebook.

Mixed reactions

His post drew mixed reactions from the online crowd, and many had differing opinions of the fried chicken in question.

Drumstick or drumette?

For starters, some suggested that the chicken was a drumlet instead of a drumstick.

Here's a quick lesson for those who are not as familiar with the chicken's anatomy: The drumlet, or drumette, is one of three parts on the chicken's wing, which is located on the top half of the bird and near its chest.

The drumstick, on the other hand, is connected the to chicken's thigh and is the lower section of its legs.

When separated from the wingette and wing tip, the drumette resembles a drumstick, albeit smaller.

A few individuals suggested that the man could have perhaps received a drumette instead of a drumstick.

However, KFC does not serve individual drumettes as part of its fried chicken offering.

The five chicken parts are: Rib, breast, wing, thigh and drumstick.

Neither is the fast food chain serving individual drumettes as a limited time menu option currently, according to its website.

Man has big hands

Other individuals remarked that the man simply had large hands.

As a result, his big mitts, when put side by side to the drumstick, dwarfed the drumstick and made it look comically miniscule.

Smaller chickens

Last but not least, commenters claimed that the chickens that KFC used had become smaller, albeit for varying reasons.

Some attributed it to a decline in the fast food chain's food quality and standards, while others suggested that a kampung chicken was used to prepare the dish.

The latter could be in light of Malaysia's ongoing chicken ban, where the country has stopped exporting fresh and frozen broiler chicken and chicken products, with the exception of kampung chicken and black chicken.

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Top image by Kentut Bau from Complaint Singapore/Facebook.