Jeanette Aw awed at Japan woman telling her to move to front of restaurant queue as actress arrived first

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Lee Wei Lin | September 20, 2022, 06:58 PM

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Jeanette Aw encountered someone who made the "sweetest gesture ever" while in Tokyo, Japan -- a woman who asked Aw to move to the front of the queue ahead of latecomers.

The Singaporean actress had gotten there first, but had been seeking shelter from the rain instead of standing in line.

A dose of Japanese manners

Aw explained on Instagram that it was her last day in Japan, and that she decided to eat at a tonkatsu restaurant.

However, the shop wasn't open when she got there.

Photo from Jeanette Aw's Instagram

Although it seemed that the actress had an umbrella with her, she decided to wait under the shelter opposite the eatery as it was pouring.

Another woman got to the restaurant and waited just outside the restaurant's door, and a queue soon formed behind her.

Photo from Jeanette Aw's Instagram

Aw decided to join the queue at this point.

She wrote, "When the shop finally opened its doors, she actually called out to me to enter first because she saw me there before her."

The actress added that she "totally did not expect" the woman in the shop to do so.


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