Japanese man, 38, earns S$98 per session to do nothing with a stranger

Everyone needs someone to do nothing with.

Adelene Wee | September 08, 2022, 03:37 AM

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A 38-year-old man from Tokyo, Japan is getting paid S$98 per session to go out with a stranger to do pretty much nothing other than exist and provide simple replies to questions.

Shoji Morimoto has been described as living his dream life as he is getting paid for what many do not even think qualifies as work.

“I will lend you a person (me) who does nothing,” the Japanese man wrote in his Twitter bio.

“I can’t do anything other than eating and drinking and answering very simple questions.”

Rental Nanmo Shinai Hito a.k.a. Do-nothing guy

"Everyone used to tell me that you are the only one who does nothing. I thought it would work out to lend myself, do-nothing guy, to people," Morimoto shared in an interview with BBC.

Photo via morimotoshoji/Twitter

Morimoto has been putting himself on loan to clients, and it is not exactly completely effortless as doing nothing still entails giving answers to questions and accompanying another person out and about.

During a session, all expenses are paid for by the client.

Paid S$98 per session to do nothing

The Tokyo resident charges 10,000 yen (S$98) per session to spend time with clients or have meals with them.

Photo via morimotoshoji/Twitter

Photo via morimotoshoji/Twitter

According to Reuters, Morimoto has attended to over 4,000 sessions with his clients in the last four years.

Currently, Morimoto has one or two clients a day.

Before the pandemic, he manages to juggle between three to four bookings a day.

His Twitter profile is replete with photos of the things he does on a day out.

Reuters reported that one woman hired Morimoto as she wanted to to wear an Indian garment out in public but was worried it might embarrass her friends.

Not actually being friends first with Morimoto helped a lot in this situation as he would be the only one to absorb the second-hand embarrassment.

Hired 270 times

His clients contact him through his Twitter account, which has some 248,200 followers.

One of Morimoto's fans is particularly fond of him and has hired him 270 times.

Everyone needs a companion in life

Morimoto said he realised that his clients need someone to hear them out when they face certain issues in life.

He also shared some of the interesting experiences he was hired for:

  • as a customer in a cafe
  • as a companion to a famous cake store
  • as a companion to a restaurant
  • to bid farewell to a client at a train station
  • to wear the cap of a client's deceased partner

However, Morimoto also has his boundaries, Fortune highlighted.

He turned down a session to move a fridge with a stranger.

He also rejected an offer to go to Cambodia once.

He also does not do sexual favours.

Japan's rent-a-companion services

It is widely known that there is an increasing number of rent-a-companion services in Japan as people turned to rental services to curb loneliness, or just to express their feelings and emotions to strangers when they do not feel comfortable confiding in their friends in real life.

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Top image via @morimotoshoji Twitter