Jackson Wang ends TikTok livestream to stop fans from spending money on stickers on him

Don't want to burn a hole in his fans' pockets.

Fasiha Nazren | September 13, 2022, 04:59 PM

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On Sep. 6, international pop star Jackson Wang ended his TikTok livestream abruptly after fans spent money on him via the social media app.

In a screen-recorded video of the livestream, the puzzled singer asked why various stickers began appearing on his screen.

Some of his fans then responded that the stickers are paid gifts that can be converted into TikTok Diamonds.

Diamonds can then be redeemed for money.

TikTok stickers are purchased using TikTok coins, which range from one coin to 34,900 coins.

For context, a bundle of coins ranges from S$1.48 for a total of 110 coins (inclusive of 45 free coins and S$348.98 for 17,495 coins (inclusive of 995 free coins).

Here's how much the stickers that Wang received cost:

  • Hat and moustache: 99 coins
  • Sunglasses: 199 coins
  • Hearts:199 coins

Ends livestream abruptly

Upon finding out that the stickers cost money, he immediately said: "Oh no no no no no, oh my god, then-" before abruptly ending his livestream.

According to fans, Wang went back onto the livestream but turned off the gifting function.

Wang went on TikTok Live to promote his new album "MAGIC MAN".

Before his TikTok appearance, he also went live on other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Weibo.

Top image screenshot from RosePose via YouTube.

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