Mooncake salesman, 18, offers to carry woman's purchase to car, woman turned out to be Huang Biren

The actress believed that he did not recognise her at first.

Mandy How | September 07, 2022, 10:38 PM

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A particularly helpful mooncake salesman has earned himself an Instagram dedication from Huang Biren, 53.

On Sep. 6, the veteran actress shared photos of herself with a young man, who had helped to carry her mooncake purchases to her car.

Huang recounted how she had gone out to buy mooncakes alone, and was already done shopping when another stall caught her eye.

The staff then recommended her the flavours, but Huang couldn't buy them even though she was tempted, as she was alone and couldn't carry the mooncakes by herself.

However, the salesman offered to help Huang carry her purchases to her vehicle.

The actress hesitated and told him that her car was actually in the next building, but the young man assured her that it was "not a problem".

"Because of his very good attitude and service I bought a few more boxes from him. He kept his words! A BIG thank you to him!" she wrote.

Huang revealed that the staff is named Li Di Shen, an 18-year-old who was working part-time during his school holidays to earn some pocket money.

She praised Li:

"[...] Your boss is so lucky to have employed you…not because of the few boxes of mooncakes I bought but his patience, very good attitude and excellence in service. Young man 加油!Thank you!"

As a disclaimer, the actress added a cheeky liner that she was not selling any mooncakes.

It was for people to know that she wasn't making any commission off potential sales, Huang jokingly told ex-Mediacorp actress Carole Lin in the comments section.

In a separate response to radio DJ Kunhua, Huang also said she believed that the young man did not realise she was an actress.

If your cynical self continues to suspect that it's because of Huang's celebrity status that she received extra attentive service, another commenter has also relayed her positive experience with the same staff:

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