S'pore man tattoos HPB 'Healthier Choice' symbol on thigh as joke 'to lead a healthier life'

Note that he is saying he is the healthier choice.

Adelene Wee | September 19, 2022, 02:12 PM

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There are many things you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Quit smoking, exercise, eat fruits and vegetables regularly, and only choose to consume products with the pyramidal Health Promotion Board (HPB) "Healthier Choice" symbol slapped on them.

But getting a "Healthier Choice" symbol as a tattoo as the ultimate nudge?

That's a first and exactly what a man in Singapore did recently.

Inking "Healthier Choice" tattoo

A TikTok video, put up by tattoo artist @pettysobpokes, featured her giving the man the tattoo.

The Sep. 7 video has been watched more than 111,000 times.

HPB tattoo with a twist

There was a twist though.

Photo via poodsot/Tiktok

The tattooed version of the "Healthier Choice" symbol, which is almost ubiquitous in the oats section of any supermarket, comes with an inverted "R".

“Я” means “I” or “me” in Russian.

It is a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet and is pronounced as yaa.

In this instance, the man who inked the HPB tattoo could be implying "he" is the healthier choice.

Speaking to Mothership, @pettysobpokes shared that she does tattooing as a passion.

Calling it a "bootleg health promotion board tattoo" in the video, she said the artwork was etched on the man's high upper thigh using an 11RL, 7RL, and 5RL tattoo needle.

She also shared that she was paid a token sum for the tattoo.

In response to a comment on the video, she replied that the placement of the tattoo will allow the man to easily cover it up with clothing.

She added that she doesn't know why her friend wanted an HPB tattoo, but he joked that he wanted to lead a healthier life and thought that it would be funny.


Reactions to the tattoo were positive.

Commenters were amused by the quirky choice and started making wild guesses about the man's next tattoo design, while another compared it to a meat inspection stamp.

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Top image via poodsot/TikTok.