M’sian man, 26, claims selling used cardboard for 4 years allowed upgrade from Perodua Myvi to Audi TT

Malaysia really boleh.

Fiona Tan | September 07, 2022, 02:41 AM

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A 26-year-old Malaysian man scrimped and saved his earnings from selling used cardboard, which allowed him to upgrade his car from a Perodua Myvi to an Audi TT.

The Myvi is described as a subcompact car by Perodua, which is Malaysia's largest car manufacturer.

The man, Jack Pang, shared his experience on the KL娱乐站 Facebook page on Aug. 30, 2022.

Dad gifted him a Myvi

The Myvi was a gift from his father when he was 19.

Back then, Pang was moving to Kuala Lumpur as he enrolled in SEGi University, which is located in Petaling Jaya. He made the drive in his Myvi.

He did not specify which part of Malaysia he was living in prior to the move.

Image by Jack Pang from KL娱乐站 /Facebook.

Collected and sold cardboard for four years

Pang said he felt like a "country bumpkin in the "big city".

In his eyes, everything in the concrete jungle was new and different.

After arriving in the city, Pang said he worked hard to collect and sell cardboard over the next four years.

At the age of 23, he was finally able to pool together enough savings to purchase a secondhand silver Audi TT.

However, he did not reveal how much cardboard he had to collect and sell or how many hours he had to put in altogether.

Image by Jack Pang from KL娱乐站 /Facebook.

Forked out five-figure sum for Audi TT

Following his post, many commenters online were surprised and genuinely curious by how he managed to afford an Audi TT just by selling cardboard.

Some were supportive and commended Pang on his determination and perseverance.

Others were more sceptical and dismissive, saying the Audi TT was either not his or that it was not possible to save that much from selling cardboard and his claims of using his earnings to buy the Audi TT was a hoax.

Pang responded to the comments and disclosed that he paid a "five-figure sum" in ringgit for the car, and that the TT had clocked about 80,000km of mileage when he bought it.

Still collecting and selling cardboard

He has apparently put his car to good use and had even made multiple road trips to Thailand.

The car has currently clocked about 160,000km of mileage.

Image from Jack Pang/Facebook.

Pang is currently the marketing director and founder and CEO of JCJ Motorsport and Jack Automotive respectively, according to his Facebook page.

However, the car enthusiast said he is still collecting and selling cardboard and putting aside his earnings to further upgrade his car.

His next goal?

A Volkswagen Golf GTI -- which to some, might appear as a downgrade if he is trading in his Audi TT for it, but a reasonable lateral expansion of his car collection if he is keeping all his automobile with him.

You can read Pang's post below:

Image screenshot from KL娱乐站 /Facebook.

Time to start saving

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Top image by Jack Pang from KL娱乐站 /Facebook.