Chinese girl, 6, cries as she doesn't want to look like her dad

The kid has a good relationship with her dad. Just that she does not want to look like him.

Adelene Wee | September 06, 2022, 05:49 PM

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A six-year-old girl in China was caught on video bursting into tears after being told she looks like her father.

According to a video put up online, the child from Suqian in Jiangsu province did not take the comparison from her mother's friend lightly as she deemed it unflattering.

The video showed the girl throwing a tantrum and questioning her mother about why she looks like her father.

And the hissy fit proved a hit as the video received 107,000 likes, 7,806 comments and 2,390 shares after it was shared on just one platform.

What happened

The girl's mother explained in the video: "There were friends at my house and they said that she looked like her father. She is not happy and started crying, quipping that she doesn't want to look like her father."

The girl was heard saying that her mother gave birth to her, not her father, and hence she should not look like him.

The girl also said she feels that she will not look good if she looks like her father.

She added that the childhood song has the lyrics, "Mum is the best in the world", but not that dad is the best in the world.

Has a good relationship with her father

Another scene showed the wailing girl lamenting that a good father doesn't exist in the world.

The girl, however, has a good relationship with her father, it was also disclosed.

Her father is said to often spend time with her and treat her well.

The girl's mother added that her husband will be heartbroken if he hears of his daughter's complaints.


Online commeters on social media platforms had a good laugh about this, while some gave advice to those looking for husbands:

"Take note of a man's look when you are looking for a husband, in case your child complains in the future."

Others who looked like their fathers chimed in:

"I think I look like my father, I look like a man."

"That happens in my family as well. Once someone says that we look like our father, we cry as we feel that he is ugly."

"I can tell that she despises her father. Haha."

"Haha, my mother gave birth to me, why must I look like my father?"

Another girl cries after hearing that she looks like her father

This is not the first time that a child has cried after receiving comments that they look like their fathers.

In another video, a then four-year-old child was seen bawling her eyes out and was heard saying, "I don't want", numerous times.

A woman then questioned her and the child answered by saying that she does not want to look like her father as he is ugly.

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