School does Chang'e drifting across sky display, but looks like ghost haunting children

Children appeared unamused.

Belmont Lay | September 09, 2022, 06:45 PM

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A school, believed to be in Vietnam, wanted to put on a display for children by recreating the scene of the mythical moon goddess character Chang'e drifting across the sky as part of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, but ended up pulling off something closer to a ghost haunting everyone present.

A video of the failed attempt to recreate Chang'e's ability to float gracefully instead of lifelessly has been watched more than 1.3 million times in a day -- and it is obvious why.

Attended by hundreds of children

The event appeared to have taken place inside a school with young children and adults present.

The moment when Chang'e -- tied to a flying fox contraption -- was released to drift above everyone present was met with little fanfare.

But the crowd's reaction could also be interpreted as them being too stunned to react in time to see a figure dressed in white moving in a jerky fashion over their heads.

Chang'e was then lowered to be retrieved by someone behind a makeshift stage, while another person in a bunny suit waved at it -- with only one child seen waving back as part of audience participation.

The action of collecting the mannequin appeared as if it was being salvaged post-hanging.

Reactions online

This moment was not lost on those who watched the video online.

One commenter wrote in Chinese: "I'm dying of laughter, Chang'e flying to the moon has become like a female ghost passing by, and it wants to scare the children to death."

Mid-Autumn Festival tradition

Using such props to replicate Chang'e's ascension or descension is commonplace, apparently.

In Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution featured a mannequin that was sent "floating" from fourth floor of the building towards the ground floor via a flying fox contraption.

The display also received mixed reactions

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