Adrian Pang, Joshua Tan & more S'pore actors appear in Netflix K-drama 'Little Women'

Adrian oppa?

Fasiha Nazren | September 26, 2022, 06:36 PM

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If you've been scrolling through Netflix these days, you may have seen a new K-drama series called "Little Women".

The series stars Kim Go-eun (from "Goblin") and Wi Ha-joon (from "Squid Game").

Part of the series was filmed in Singapore, which explains why you'd find some scenes familiar.

But that's not the only Singaporean element in the series.

Adrian oppa?

Viewers were pleasantly surprised to see local actor Adrian Pang make a cameo in the eighth episode of the show.

In it, Pang plays the role of hotel manager.

He even had some lines with Kim, the lead actress.

Photo screenshot from Netflix.

Pang isn't the only Singapore-based celebrity to make an appearance on the show.

There's "Ah Boys to Men" actor Joshua Tan, who played a hotel receptionist.

Photo screenshot from Netflix.

"Tanglin" actress Bridget Fernandez also made it into the episode as hotel staff.

Photo screenshot from Netflix.

And "Kin" actor Ebi Shankara made an appearance as a cafe waiter.

Photo screenshot from Netflix.

Filmed in Singapore

In July 2022, Kim and Wi were spotted in several locations across Singapore filming "Little Women".

The show is loosely based on Louisa May Alcott's novel of the same name, and focuses on three sisters becoming embroiled in a case against the wealthiest family in Korea.

On Sep. 25, the show reached its highest viewership for its eighth episode.

A report by Soompi said that the latest episode hit an average nationwide rating of 8.7 per cent in South Korea, the highest in its time slot across all cable channels.

Top image screenshot from Netflix.