WP TikTok to reveal 'never-seen-before' content into 'life & soul' of party: Youth Wing President Nicole Seah

WP's very own TikTok account.

Alfie Kwa | August 05, 2022, 07:11 PM

[Update on Aug. 8, 11:15am: A Workers’ Party spokesperson has clarified that the TikTok account @jamuslim does not belong to Member of Parliament Jamus Lim. This article has been edited to reflect the update.]

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The Workers’ Party (WP) has launched into the TikTok space on Friday (Aug. 5) with the first two videos on their account, @thehammertok.

Viewers get a never-seen-before look into the "life and soul" of WP

Nicole Seah, WP's Youth Wing President, said viewers will get a never-seen-before look into the "life and soul" of WP and also, the hard work and dedication of the party's members and volunteers.

"It is essential that we keep engaging more Singaporeans authentically, and provide an additional avenue for Singaporeans to make their views heard and represented", she said.

Their first video features the party's former chief, Low Thia Khiang, inspecting an HDB playground in Anchorvale.

Their second video, posted later in the day, also features Low, this time touring the rooftop garden of the Anchorvale Harvest HDB project.

Low is currently standing in for Sengkang group representation constituency (GRC) MP Jamus Lim, who is currently away for a three-week fellowship in the U.S..

A garden tour

In the 40-second video, WP invites viewers to "tag along" with Low as he tours the garden.

@thehammertok Getting the Low-down on rooftop garden checks. What edible plants can you spot? #sengkang #anchorvale #wp #workersparty ♬ It's a Beautiful Day - Evan McHugh

Low takes a look at the plants in the garden, checks out the drainage system and even alerts volunteers to keep a look out for mosquito breeding spots in the area.

A behind-the-scenes look

WP will be using the new platform to communicate the party's updates, just like what is done on their other social media platforms.

On top of that, @thehammertok promises to provide more light-hearted TikTok-exclusive content that "will not only entertain but hopefully inform and resonate with Singaporeans".

Compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the party sees TikTok as being "more visual, emotive, spontaneous and narrative-based", said the spokesperson.

"We intend to use TikTok to provide a more human and intimate look at the individuals that comprise the life and soul of the Party, from our passionate and dedicated volunteer core to our most senior executive leaders," a WP spokesperson told Mothership.

However, WP did share that the "finer details" of the types of content they'll be putting out have not been fully fleshed out yet.

Their first video appears to have been well-received, with over 17,300 views and 159 shares in the seven hours since it was posted at around noon on Aug. 5.

Some commenters were happy to see that Low is in good health after coming out of retirement:


Others thanked Low for doing the walkabout.

Connecting younger crowd

“Young Singaporeans have a vital role to play in influencing our political discourse and shaping our country’s future. We must be active in finding new and meaningful ways to communicate with them, such as through TikTok, where we will strive to better understand their hopes, aspirations and fears, building deeper bonds with them so as to create a more politically-engaged and balanced society," said Leon Perera, WP's Media Chair, in a statement to the media.

The party said it has seen an influx of younger, digitally-savvier supporters and constituents over the years, many of whom are actively engaged in political discussions, even on their social channels.

The WP spokesperson added:

"The creation of our official TikTok profile is the continuation of a never-ending journey to constantly engage Singaporeans and is not necessarily the end goal for social outreach."

Chua said in the same statement that WP will continue to "stay true to its mission of being connected to the issues facing local Singaporeans" and speaking on their behalf, regardless of the emergence of new mediums.

In response to Mothership's queries, the spokesperson replied that the WP is evaluating the feasibility of other personal and professional profiles, including on other social media channels.

As of now, WP MP for Aljunied GRC Gerald Giam has a personal TikTok account.

Giam posted his first video yesterday (Aug. 4).

The account was followed by @thehammertok.

Dealing with public scrutiny

When asked how they would deal with criticism on their new account, or having their TikTok content made into memes, the WP spokesperson responded:

"Public scrutiny comes naturally when one is a political figure. However, we will roll with the punches and stay authentic and approachable with our content. Even if we do become the butt of the joke, we know our intentions will always be good in our quest for political balance, nurturing healthy political competition and cultivating alternative voices to represent Singaporeans."

@thehammertok is a joint initiative between WP's Youth Wing and the media team which comprises volunteers aged between 18 to 35.

Earlier in March, the party's Youth Wing also launched The Hammer Podcast on Spotify.

Viewers can expect the WP's 2022 National Day message to be broadcasted on their TikTok page, and can look out for updates from their National Day Dinner on Aug. 13.

Images via @thehammertok.