New sando restaurant in Tanjong Pagar specialises in A5 Wagyu Japanese sandwiches with deep fried beef

Not just your regular deep fried, but wagyu-fat fried.

Adelene Wee | August 25, 2022, 07:17 PM

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Gyu San, a new Japanese butchery and sando restaurant, has joined the line of food establishments in Tanjong Pagar.

The new restaurant serves three main types of Japanese sandos (sandwiches) with prices ranging from S$18 - S$58: Wagyu beef, Ebi, and Tamago.

There's also a butchery located in the restaurant, offering a range of Japanese wagyu cuts that you can take home and cook.

The ambience

Nestled in Tanjong Pagar, the 25-seater eatery is refined yet comfortable.

The outdoor area offers patrons an alfresco setting, where they can soak in the lovely smell of the CBD.

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      The sandos

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      The Gyu Katsu Sando (S$32) depends on their house cut of the day, where you get to taste different parts of the A5 beef (shabu/chuck/round) depending on what's available.

      We had the shabu patty that was complemented with their house-made tare sauce, as well as warm and toasty shokupan (Japanese milk bread).

      The tare sauce, when combined with the wasabi aioli, adds a unique umami element to the sando.

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      To our surprise, however, the sando was actually outshone by the sliced beef from the A5 Yakiniku Salad (S$18).

      Photo by Mandy How

      The meat was crisp and chewy upon first bite (when hot), tender on the inside with a sweet aftertaste, likely from the maple syrup that was part of the sauce.

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      The Ebi Katsu Sando (S$28) is constructed with ebi chunks and minced ebi, deep-fried and brushed with tartar sauce.

      In a gyu-centric restaurant, however, we would actually skip this in favour of the Gyu Katsu Sando.

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      The Wagyu Chips (S$8) is a nice snack to go along with your sandos.

      Thinly sliced russet potatoes are fried with wagyu beef fat and topped with their house-made furikake. Very addictive.

      Desserts next

      Photo by Adelene Wee

      The Fresh Fruits Sando (S$12) is constructed with house-made custard cream and topped with seasonal fruits, sandwiched between soft pillowy bread.

      Our version —mango— is a refreshing take to the savoury sandos we had, but we hope and dream for melon and strawberry variations in the future.

      Gyu San

      Address7 Wallich St, Unit 01 - 03 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078884

      Opening Hours: 11:30am - 9pm daily (last orders at 8:30pm).

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      Top image by Adelene Wee.