St Andrew's Secondary School says student disciplined for threatening to end teacher's life


Belmont Lay | August 25, 2022, 02:27 PM

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A St Andrew's Secondary School student, who was seen on video confronting a teacher in the school, has been disciplined, the school said.

The secondary school said in a statement on Aug. 24:

The school is aware of the incident. We take a serious view on disrespectful behaviour towards staff and the student has been disciplined. We have also engaged the student's parents, and will work closely with them to counsel and guide him.

The student was seen in a 55-second online video, comprising four clips, confronting a man in a classroom, as other students watched on.

The video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times across the different social media platforms.

But it is not clear when the incident was shot.

The age of the student and the level he is in are also not known.

Reactions to the video have so far centred on the challenges of being an educator in Singapore that are not as widely discussed, as well as the appropriate disciplinary measures that can be enforced on students.

What videos showed

The confrontation appeared to have started after the student spoke to a person at the door.

As he approached the teacher standing in the room, the student started shouting at him.

He pushed up against the teacher's arm with a finger pointed at his face.

In response, the teacher repeatedly yelled at the student not to touch him.

The student told him to watch his mouth, and then added, "I will end your life right now man".

When the teacher reiterated for the student not to touch him, the student said, "You shut your mouth b*tch".

In a different clip, the teacher cut the student off as he was saying something and sternly shouted: "Don't scold me".

"What are you going to do about it, huh?" the student retorted.

Both of them repeated themselves before the man again yelled at the student: "Don't scold me a four-letter word".

The student simply told him "get a bloody life first" and walked away.

The students in the room cheered and laughed while one could be heard saying, "Fight, fight".

Another man who was standing in the doorway observing the two argue was seen in another clip dissuading the teacher from engaging with the student.

The video ended with the student saying: "Walk away now, I give you one chance, you walk away now."

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