S'pore couple burgled of newly bought Rolex watches on last day of Europe honeymoon

Oh no.

Lee Wei Lin | August 28, 2022, 06:32 PM

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A couple from Singapore lost Rolex watches in Ibiza during a burglary.

According to TikTok user Peggy Heng, she and her husband had bought matching watches as wedding gifts while they were in Amsterdam for their honeymoon.

@djdowager P1P2: Can we skip to the good part? God: Nope 😅 Just for memory’s sake, #rolex datejust 41mm, fluted bezel black Diamond dial and mother of pearl white Diamond dial 36mm 👋 #wewillmissyou #robbed #rolexsg #gassan #fyp #ibiza #amsterdam #tiktoktrending #tiktoktrend #tiktokrobbery ♬ original sound - Brooke Nielsen ❤️

In her caption, she mentioned that the both of them purchased variations of the Rolex Datejust.

According to Rolex Singapore's website, watches with these specifications would cost a total of S$42,000 if they were purchased here.

Screenshot from Rolex Singapore's website

Screenshot from Rolex Singapore's website

What happened

In an earlier TikTok video, Heng shared that she and her husband had been touring Europe, and the place they were living in was burgled on the last leg of their holiday.

She was living in a villa in Ibiza with "almost 12 friends".

Screenshot from @djdowager on TikTok

Screenshot from @djdowager on TikTok

Screenshot from @djdowager on TikTok

Everyone who was staying in the villa, which she described as not well-protected and "secluded", had their belongings stolen.

Explaining that she is not someone who splurges regularly, Heng originally intended to only buy a watch for her husband while in Amsterdam.

However, she was offered one more for herself, and she took it as a "sign".

AirTag showed her where the burglars were

Heng let on that both of her luggages were stolen, but an AirTag that was in at least one of them pinpointed the burglars' location.

"The police didn't want to help," she claimed. "The police went with us and we were right outside (where the burglars were)."

Screenshot from @djdowager on TikTok

Screenshot from @djdowager on TikTok

She explained that the police did not allow her husband near the house where the AirTag was allegedly in, and that the officers did not want to enter the home either as they did not have a warrant to search the place.

"The police kept shouting at (my husband): 'This is Spain! This is Spain! You cannot go there. You cannot come into their house (sic)," Heng continued.

She also raised the possibility of the break-in being an "insider job" as it happened just before they left Ibiza, when their luggages were packed and ready to be brought home.

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